Modelling of EOR transport mechanisms

Oddbjørn Nødland was the fifth PhD candidate to graduate from The National IOR Centre of Norway.

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From the public defense of Oddbjørn Nødland's doctoral thesis.

For Oddbjørn Nødland 8 January 2019 will always be a special date – the day he defended his doctoral thesis. Nødland presented his thesis «Core scale modelling of EOR transport mechanisms». The committee gave a lot of praise in their evaluation afterwards. Now Nødland officially can call himself Dr. Nødland.

Prize winner

Not only has Oddbjørn Nødland finished his doctoral thesis with style. He has also been active in a very important part of the Centre's work - collaboration with our industry partners. In June 2017 he held a course for the industry partners, teaching them to work with the IORCoreSIM - a tool for simulating the combined effect of low salinity water injection and polymer flooding on oil recovery.

For this work, Nødland and senior scientist Arild Lohne at NORCE won SR-bank's innovation prize.

Cake and speeches

The young doctor has clearly made an impression, not only on his colleagues, but also on the committee. In the cake celebration after the public defense Nødland got a lot of encouraging words and good luck wishes.

Centre director Merete Vadla Madland quoted the jury who awarded Nødland with the innovation prize:

«Nødland represents a new generation of up- and coming academics who combine research and innovation. The jury would like to draw particular attention to Nødland for working with great dedication, determination and success to motivate the eleven industry partners at the IOR Centre to implement IORCoreSim in their activities.»

Text and photo: Kjersti Riiber