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Polymer EOR forum

This forum will focus its work on polymer flooding from pore to core scale, and partly to field scale.

Publisert: Endret:

Recommended workflow (including design of lab experiments and interpretation by IORCoreSim) to extract essential Polymer EOR parameters.

Identification and usage recommendation of important input parameters for modeling and upscaling of polymer processes, IORCoreSim, BADChIMP.

IORCoreSim deliverables: 

  • core scale IOR models 
  • executable code available on Teams from October 2020 
  • program and User’s manual will be updated throughout the project period  

 OPM deliverables:  

  • polymer models  
  • well model for mechanical degradation  

BadChimp deliverables: 

  • shear stress dependent polymer models 
  • source code available on git hub 
  • documentation of program setup and execution 
  • test cases

Testing and demonstration of IORCoreSim on polymer.

Experimental results on polymer transport properties at small (cm) and large (m) scale.

Polymer EOR workshop 2018.

Thermo thickening polymers – lab and Yard test. 

New Polymer EOR workshop (?).