Smart art: towards a new practice for art and the artist's role in society

Stavanger Municipality, UiS, and NTNU are establishing an interdisciplinary collaboration that will promote art and the artist's role in society.

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Kunstinstallasjon med hvite og en grønn trekant på Ivar Langens hus.
Art on UiS campus Ullandhaug

Different models of understanding and concepts will be explored, combined with practical testing of new methods and structures. The work may justify a new practice within urban development, a more robust artist economy, and an aesthetic dimension to the concept of sustainability.

Stavanger municipality is the only smart city with a pronounced commitment to art. The term "smart art" is vaguely defined.  The exploration of what art in a smart city context can be is done in the span between practice and discourse, in open and exploratory collaboration. For this, we need a new approach.

Stavanger Municipality recognizes the need to think and act differently in order to fulfill our social mission and the commitment to create good everyday life and a better city to live in. We must be one co-creative municipality, which develops new solutions together with others - internally in the municipality, and with citizens, businesses, the research community, and voluntary organizations.

Innovation and technology environments worldwide have realized the value of art and the artist as one prerequisite for innovation and restructuring.

Consortium Partners: Stavanger Municipality, NTNU, University of Stavanger

UIS researchers involved: Professor Morten Wensberg, Associate Professor Kristiane Lindland

Funding: KORO