SAFETY - Simulation approach for education and training in emergency

SAFETY is an Erasmus+ project aiming at assessing the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge in emergency medicine and simulation sector.

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NOK 10 million

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Project manager UiS

Thor Ole Gulsrud

Contact person UiS

Peter Dieckmann

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The project aims to renew the existing training offer and to overcome training gaps, making practitioners safer and ready to operate in real emergency conditions or collaborate with companies involved in the development of medical simulation tools.

SAFETY partnerland
SAFETY is a new research network with ten partners from seven European countries.

SAFETY brings together 10 partners from 7 European countries to develop a new course within the field of emergency medicine. The course will consist of both practical and theoretical modules. The theoretical modules in the course will be offered using an e-learning tool, while the practical modules will be implemented as standard classroom training where students will use simulation tools as part of the teaching.

The University of Stavanger (UiS) will be part of a European training network that enables sharing of best practices. UiS will lead the work of conducting a literature study where the goal is to identify the optimal team composition for training using simulation tools.

UiS will also lead the development of materials that will be used to simulate situations where the relatives of a patient panics. Such situations can have a negative impact on the team working with the patient and reduce the possibility of survival in an emergency,

The project is led by Università degli studi di Foggia. 

Researchers at UiS and Stavanger University Hospital

Associate Professor
Kjell Arholms hus
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Quality and Health Technology
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Quality and Health Technology
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Quality and Health Technology
Associate Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Quality and Health Technology
Adjunct Associate Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Quality and Health Technology

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