Selection process and criteria, MFAMILY

The Consortium Committee appoints a Selection Board consisting of one committee member per partner institution (summing up to four board members). Based on the documents provided the Consortium Committee, the Selection Board compiles a ranking list of applicants. The candidate's final score will be obtained through the following criteria:

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CriterionMin. score*Max score*Weighting
Level of academic qualification2330%
Relevance of academic qualification1320%
Relevance and level of research experience1315%
Relevance and level of professional experience0315%
Statement of Purpose1310%
Proficiency English language1310%

*(3 points = excellent; 2 points = very good; 1 point = good; 0 points = weak/not pertinent/not available)

The Consortium Committee Selection Board will select the students to be awarded with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship based on the list compiled and in accordance with Erasmus Mundus guidelines.

After approving the Selection Board’s decision the Consortium Committee immediately informs The Univeristy of Stavanger admissions office of the ranking list compiled.
Successful applicants will receive notification of acceptance from The University of Stavanger as well as a Letter of Acceptance from the MUNDUSFAMILY Consortium Committee. The notification of acceptance contains a deadline by which the applicant must register for the programme.
If this deadline is not met, the notification of acceptance will be null and void. If a number of places is still available after the deadline for registration expired, a corresponding number of applicants, who did not initially receive notification of acceptance, will be admitted according to the ranking order achieved.

Applicants who are not accepted will receive a notification of rejection together with a statement of the right to appeal.