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Semester evaluation

An evaluation based on the course reports in a programme

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Pc-skjerm med rapport visende

After every semester, the study programme council must do a semester evaluation based on the course reports. The evaluation must particularly focus on the coherence between the courses and the teaching during the semester. The evaluation should also contribute insights to annual assessments at programme level regarding whether national and institutional accreditation criteria are met. 

Semester evaluation:

ResponsibilityProgramme coordinator in all ordinary studies and studies in the EVU-portfolio. 
ParticipantsStudy programme council
TimeAfter completed semester
FrequencyEvery semester
PurposeSummary of the semester for continuous improvement and reporting
DataCourse reports,Minutes from dialogue with students,Reports and evaluations from supervised professional training where relevant,Results from student evaluation when completed,Selected results data.
DocumentationMinutes from handling in study programme council, attached the course reports. 
The semester evaluation is documented in minutes from the study programme council and is included in the foundation for the programme evaluation and programme report, as well as the annual course- and programme revision. Shall be discussed with other academic staff and students.