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Smart city - collaboration

While our outlook is global, a lot of our research is focused on the Stavanger region. Several regional muncipalities have smart city and sustainable development as priority areas.

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We work closely with the regional municipalities and the business community to develop Stavanger as a leader in smart sustainable solutions and smart technologies. We currently have strategic collaboration with:

The municipality of Stavanger that has taken a leading role with The Smart City Stavanger initiative and a target of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Nordic Edge, the national smart city innovation cluster, who also hosts the Nordic region's largest smart city conference, Nordic Edge Expo every year. We also organize a range of activities through our collaboration with the Nordic Edge Innoasis innovation hub through our Innoasis Science Forum Initiative.

Site4016 is a regional knowledge and innovation hub that pushes for new and innovative solutions for sustainability, circular construction and digitalization in the building and construction industry

Yago is a cluster for autonomous mobility and transportation (sea, land, air) and the operator of the largest independent test arena for autonomous vehicles in  Europe in the Forus Industrial area – just south of Stavanger.

International cooperation

International collaboration is essential in order to address complex and often global challenges. The research network is actively involved in a number of European networks and work closely with the Stavanger Region European office in Brussels. We are always interested in establishing collaboration and partnerships with knowledge and research institutions around. Some of our international networks include:


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