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Special examination arrangements

If you have a disability or a health problem that entails significant inconvenience during an exam, you may apply for special examination arrangements. You may also apply for bilingual dictionary if Norwegian is not your mother tongue.

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Central Examination Office Telephone: 51 83 24 05    E-mail: Examination Offices at the Faculties and Departments

If you have a disability or a health problem that entails significant inconvenience in an examination situation, you may apply for special examination arrangements.

The special examination arrangements shall compensate for significant inconveniences or difficulties students with disabilities or health problems may have in an exam situation, compared to other students. Special arrangements shall not be so extensive that they provide an advantage in relation to other students. This means that you will not necessarily be granted the arrangement you have applied for. An example of this is the use of computer. Under normal circumstances it could be considered an advantage to use a computer compared to other students who write by hand. Therefore, you must prove that you have a sufficient disadvantage during an exam and advantage you have by using a computer should be a reasonable compensation for this.

Thus, the nature of your disadvantages during an exam must be clearly stated in the application and documentation must be included.

What type of adaptations that may be granted are described in the Regulations on Studies and Examinations at the University of Stavanger § 4-2 (Lovdata).

You can submit your application for special examination arrangements through the Digital Student Service Desk. Remember to add all necessary documentation.

Contact if you have any questions.

Application deadline:

Autumn semester: 1. September

Spring semester: 1. February

Please note that the deadline for applying for special arrangements for re-sit exams are the same as for ordinary exams. This means that if you haven't applied for special arrangements within these deadlines you will not be granted special arrangements for re-sit exams.

In cases where the need for special examination arrangements occurs after the deadline, the student must document this and urgently apply. Due to time constraints, it may not be possible to accommodate special examination arrangements in these cases.

Application responses will normally be available within 3 weeks after the application deadline.

Applications that are not adequately documented will be returned. All applications will receive a response.

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