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Health Hackathon

Tuesday 27 April 15:00 - Wednesday 28 April 21:00,
UiS, Lyspæren.

Welcome 27-28 April! Read more and sign up below.

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A hackathon is an event where creative, business people, founders, researchers, couch dewellers - yes, just about anyone, participate to build prototypes and design solutions in a VERY short time. Sign up, as an individual or as a team: The solution can be anything, an app., a sketch, a paper-scissors-glue device - we call these PROTOTYPES! The team owns the solution which can be spun out as a project or a separate company. The winner will get the opportunity to present the solution to a competent jury and idea owner, as well as receiving mentor assistance to start the project with a pilot. Read more about the health hackathon here.

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