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aktivUka 2021

Tuesday 31 August 07:30 - Thursday 2 September 16:00,
Universitetet i Stavanger.

Welcome to aktivUka at the University of Stavanger. Week 35 will consist of three days, filled with activities and tournaments, and all of Stavangers students can participate.

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Plakat aktivUka 2021

aktivUka stretches from August 31th to September 2nd, and is arranged in a festival-like format. A variety of different activities will be arranged by the voluntary student sports associations. The goal is to show the diversity of existing activity opportunitins at campus. We hope that aktivUka can contribute to the shaping and continuation of good relations between students across study programs and age groups.

The full program will be released in a couple of days, STAY TUNED!

AktivUka Facebook-event.