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Apply for outbound exchange

Students at the University of Stavanger start the application process the semester before they plan to travel on an exchange. You will find information about application deadlines, special arrangements for some study programmes and the application process here.

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Application deadlines



1. February

This deadline applies to both the autumn and spring semesters for students at the Faculty of Performing Arts.



1. September

Student exchange - Step by step

  1. Start your Exchange guide in the Digital service desk
  2. Find the application form (in Søknadsweb) under the stage "Apply". The form is called "Apply to study abroad". Please do not share the link to Søknadsweb to other students as all students need to start the Exchange guide.
  3. Follow the steps in the Exchange guide

If you wish to travel on an exchange, but do not have any recommended educational institutions in your study programme, please contact a student consultant in your department or faculty. 

What do I do when I receive an answer to my application? 

  1. Reply to the offer within the deadline stated in the letter offering the exchange. Reply to the offer at the same place where you applied to study abroad. The link to Søknadsweb is found in the Exchange guide in Digital service desk. It is very important that you submit an answer regardless of whether you accept or reject the offer you have received.
  2. Apply for pre-approval of courses in the Digital service desk. Read more about pre-approval of courses.
  3. After you have accepted the offer to be nominated, the International Office will nominate you to our partner institution. You will be informed when this is done and then given instructions about the further application process in through the Exchange guide in the Digital service desk

More activities will be added in the Exchange guide during the process.

Faculty of Performing Arts

For students at the Faculty of Performing Arts the deadline to apply for an exchange is 1. February for both autumn and spring semester.

Each student can choose (2) institutions they want to travel to and will be nominated for both of these.

Please find more information about exchange in your study program under exchange on your study program page.

Guidance and follow-up 

Contact the International Office or study advisor at your faculty/department via the exchange guide in the Digital service desk

 Your study advisor can help you with questions related to:  

  • Academic pre-approval of courses  
  • Study plans and elective subjects  
  • Changes in the education plan  
  • Delay in study progression  
  • Recommended semester for departure  

Find your study advisor. 

The International Office can help you with practical questions related to partial programme studies abroad.  

Find more information about outbound exchange