Apply for outbound exchange

You apply for an exchange during the semester before you plan to go on an exchange. Here you will find important information about the application process and special arrangements for certain study programmes.

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Outbound exchange

Outbound exchange is one or two semesters abroad as part of your studies at one of our partner institutions.

Please note that it is only possible for students who have been admitted to degree studies at the University of Stavanger to apply for an exchange.

You must apply for pre-approval of courses before your exchange. Students at the Faculty of Performing Arts have other arrangements. You will receive information about this during the application process.

Application deadlines

Exchange in the autumn semester

1 February

This deadline applies to both the autumn and spring semester for students at the Faculty of Performing Arts.

Exchange in the spring semester

1 September

Start the Exchange guide

Link to the application form and contact with the International Office

Please find information about exchange opportunities in your study programme here.

We ask that you check if you find relevant courses at institutions you are interested in before you apply. Contact the study advisor at your faculty/department for guidance. Find your study advisor.

Students who are qualified will be offered to be nominated for and can send an application to two partner institutions.

Please note that there will be documentation requirements when applying for an exchange at the partner institution. These documents/ videos are not part of the application to UiS. However, they should be prepared early in the process and we recommend that they are ready in the beginning of February.

There may be different requirements at different institutions. It is stated under exchange in your study program page which documents most institutions require. You can also find information about the application process and documentation requirements on the website of the institutions you want to apply to.

Within 3 weeks from the application deadline, you will receive the outcome of your application.​

If you get an offer:

  • You must accept or reject the offer in Søknadsweb within the deadline (5 days) stated in the offer letter.
  • The offer lapses if you do not respond within the deadline.

Please note that agreements the University of Stavanger has with institutions you apply for can change or be canceled after the application deadline.

If you have accepted the offer within the deadline, you will get a contact person at the International Office and information about the further application process and deadlines in the Exchange guide. It varies from student to student when you receive this information. Institutions abroad have different deadlines, and we prioritize those with the earliest deadline first.

The International Office expects you to read information about outbound exchange on our websites and information you recieve from us and the partner institution carefully.

You must:

  • Send your application to the partner institution within the given deadline. It is your responsibility to send a complete application within the deadline. It varies, but normally you will receive an answer from the partner institution within 4 weeks after the application deadline.
  • Apply for pre-approval of courses.
  • Use the Exchange guide. Here you will find activities you must complete before, during and after your exchange.

If you are considering/ have decided to withdraw your application, you must inform the International Office as soon as possible. We will then withdraw the application for you.

Contact the study advisor at your faculty/department if you have questions about courses, pre-approval or your study plan​. Find your study advisor. 

Contact the International Office if you have general questions about exchange or need help with your application. We will help you in the Exchange guide.