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Leadership and Organisational Change MØA203

This course is designed to develop your leadership capabilities and capacity. Acknowledging leadership as a verb (something we do - not something we are) will facilitate your critical understanding and application of leadership and organisational change theory, models and tools. You will engage in, and actively contribute to a challenge-based, future-focused learning experience built on a philosophy of co-creation of knowledge. The intention is not to present a historical and retrospective overview and analysis of leadership through the times, but to focus on a live challenge together with stakeholders from the public, private and/or third sector.

Course description for study year 2020-2021

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Credits (ECTS)


Semester tution start


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Language of instruction


Offered by

UiS Business School, UiS Business School

Learning outcome

On completion of this course you should meet the following learning outcomes:


  • You have a critical understanding of leadership and organisational change theory and practice;
  • You acknowledge the opportunities and responsibilities (including CRS) of leadership;
  • You have embarked on a journey defining and developing your own leadership;


  • You are solution and future-focused in your approach when addressing local regional, national and international leadership and organisational change challenges;
  • You are better equipped to challenge status quo and contribute to new, better and ethical solutions;
  • You are an active contributor to the co-creation of knowledge, and take responsibility for your own learning and that of other stakeholders in private, public and/or third sector;


This challenge-based, future-focused course is typically delivered as a mixture of lectures, cases, tutorials, workshops, and presentations in support of student-defined leadership challenges. There will be an emphasis on you as an active learner and co-creator of knowledge working closely with students and other stakeholders identifying and developing current leadership challenges and solutions. Typical theoretical elements included in the course are leadership as a verb; leadership as purpose; anticipation and future literacy; organisational transformation and change; change readiness; and resilience.
Required prerequisite knowledge

Group work and individual report

Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Group work 4/10 A - F
Individual report 6/10 A - F

To prepare and deliver a Leadership Challenge (LC) with final report. In allocated groups, you will invite relevant stakeholders in order to identify and develop one specific leadership challenge and one specific and actionable solution to this challenge. The mark awarded will consist of:
• Prepare and run a Leadership Challenge (40%; group mark)
• Leadership Challenge final report to key stakeholders (60%; individual mark on group report contribution)

Coursework requirements
Mandatory attendance
80% attendance of all mandatory sessions starting from week 1 of teaching (authorised notes from healthcare workers not included in this %)
Course teacher(s)
Course coordinator: Rune Todnem By
Method of work
The course is based on principles of co-creation of knowledge and challenge-based learning.
Open for
Business Administration - Master of Science
Course assessment
Students will have the opportunity to give feedback on the course first in an early dialogue, and then in a written course evaluation at the end of the course.
Overlapping courses
Course Reduction (SP)
Leadership and Organisational Change (MSB203) 10
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