Documentation for outbound Erasmus+ students

You must complete these documents within the set deadlines. Completed documents are a requirement to receive an Erasmus+ grant.

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1. Grant Agreement

2. Learning Agreement (Online Learning Agreement - OLA)

3. Online Language Support (OLS)

4. Confirmation of Erasmus Status (CoS)

5. Participant Report

1. Grant Agreement

You will receive an email with a link to the Grant Agreement. In the Grant Agreement you must fill in bank account number, policy number for insurance / European Health Insurance Card (Helfo), and estimated arrival and end dato of your stay.

Information needed for the Grant Agreement:

Name of study program at UiS. Ex: Business Administration

  • "Cycle" refers to the level of your study program as defined in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF):
  • First cycle (Bachelor or equivalent) EQF 5/6.
  • Second cycle (Master or equivalent) EQF 7.
  • Third cycle (Doctoral or equivalent) EQF 8.

ISCED-F code for your study programme (fill in the name for your study program to get your code, for instance: Business - 0410)

Study cycle: "Cycle" refers to the level of your study program as defined in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF): 

  • First cycle (Bachelor or equivalent) EQF 5/6.
  • Second cycle (Master or equivalent) EQF 7.
  • Third cycle (Doctoral or equivalent) EQF 8.

Rates for Erasmus+ grants

2. Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

The University of Stavanger (UiS) uses the Online Learning Agreement (OLA), which must be signed digitally by all parties. It must be signed by you, the study advisor at your study programme/faculty/department and the partner institution.

Utveksling_Europa kart
Where in Europe are you going?

All students who are going on an Eramsus+ exchange must bring an approved Learning Agreement to the partner institution abroad.

This agreement describes the content of your exchange, and is often part of the application to the partner institution.

If you are going on an Erasmus+ internship, you must have an approved Training Agreement. This must be signed by you, the study coordinator at your study programme/faculty and the workplace abroad. Further down on this page you can see how to fill out this agreement.

You must create an Online Learning Agreement yourself. Before you can do this, you must have received a letter of admission from the partner institution.

How to complete the OLA

You must fill in all mandatory fields and then sign the agreement.

Here you must enter your personal information.

Field of Education and Study Cycle are filled in automatically.

Academic Year is the school year you are going to be on an exchange. You have to fill in the whole school year even if you are only going to be there for one semester.

Here you must choose Norway and the University of Stavanger. These options should appear automatically when you start typing.

You must enter your faculty/department, as well as the name and contact information for your Sending Responsible Person, who is the study advisor at your study programme. It should be the same person who has signed your decision on pre-approval of courses.

Here you must enter the country and partner institution you are going on an exchange to, as well as which faculty/department you are going to study at there.

You must also enter the Receiving Responsible Person, the person who will sign your OLA on behalf of the partner institution. If you do not know who this is, contact the partner institution directly to request this information.

Enter the day, month and year for when you travel on an exchange and when you return home.

If you do not know the exact dates, enter approximate dates. You can find the official semester start dates on the website of the partner institution and enter them.

Here you must enter the courses you are to take at the partner institution. These must be the same courses that UiS has already approved in your application for pre-approval.

Use the course catalog at the partner institution to find course names/codes, number of ECTS credits and semester.

Here you must also state the language you want the main part of the teaching in, and the language level you expect to have when the exchange semester starts.

To assess your language level:

  • You can also use the Erasmus language test, Online Linguistic Support (OLS), if you have taken it.

Here you must enter the courses at UiS that the exchange semester will replace in your education plan. You can attach a link to the study program page that shows how your study program is structured.

Make sure you have signed your OLA. The study advisor at your study programme/faculty/department cannot sign it before you have done so. The signature field works best on a touch screen, but you can also sign it with a regular computer and pointer/mouse.

You cannot make changes to the document once it has been signed and sent.

Once you have signed your OLA, it will automatically be sent to the study advisor at your study programme. If everything is in order, your study advisor will sign it, and it will be forwarded to the partner institution for the final signature. When all three parties have signed, it is complete.

You will be notified by email and/or in the Erasmus+ App when a party has signed. You can check the status of your OLA during the process on Online Learning Agreement or in the Erasmus+ App.

You can go on an exchange and receive the Erasmus+ scholarship without the partner institution's signature on your OLA, as long as you and your study coordinator have signed it. In that case, make sure that the partner institution signs your OLA as soon as the semester starts. It must be signed by all three parties no later than two weeks after the start of the semester.

If the partner institution cannot sign the OLA online and wants a hard copy, you can print a PDF of your OLA. Then you must send a (scanned) copy signed by all three parties to

How to complete the Training Agreement

You can essentially look at the template for how to fill out a regular OLA, as described above.

Please note: In this agreement, it is called Trainee instead of Student.

Under Proposed Mobility Programme you must fill inn Detailed programme of the traineeship, Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the end of the traineeship, Monitoring plan og Evaluation plan. As for what to write here, you can look at the list of learning outcomes for the practice you are going to take abroad. Ask your study advisor for help filling in these fields.

2b. Online Learning Agreement for students at the Faculty of Performing Arts

The University of Stavanger (UiS) accepts Online Learning Agreement (OLA), digitally signed by all parts. The student, co-ordinator at the Faculty of Performing Arts and the partner institutuion.

All students must themselves write an Online Learning Agreement via EASY.

2c. Training Agreement

Students going for an Erasmus+ placement must have a Training Agreement. The agreement must be signed by the student, the study adviser at your faculty and the institution abroad.

How to fill in your Training Agreement

Please see '2b - How to fill in your Learning Agreement'. In the Training Agreement the term 'trainee' is used in stead of 'student'.

Under 'Proposed Mobility Programme' you must fill in Detailed programme of the traineeshipKnowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the end of the traineeshipMonitoring plan and Evaluation plan.

Please ask you study adviser for help to fill in this item.

3. Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

Obligatory language test before and after your exchange period

To enhance the language competence among Erasmus+ students, and to offer a tool for students to test their level, Erasmus+ is using Onlie Linguistic Support (OLS). 

Students where the language of tuition is English, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Tcheck, Finnish or German must take an OLS test before the exchange period to verify their language level. Students with the score B2 or lower will be offered an online course in the respective language. Some of our partner universities require an additional test in addition to the OLS test.

Exemption: Students with the language of instruction as their mother tongue are exempt from taking the OLS-tests. Norwegian/Swedish/Danish students do not need to take the OLS test if they are going for an exchange to Sweden or Denmark.

Students with a score over B1, may be offered an OLS-language course for the language in the official language at our partner university if this differs from the language of instruction.

Students offered language courses will also be able to use Live Coaching by MOOCs and Tutoring Sessions. 

The international office will register licensces for tests and courses in OLS, and you will get an email with a link to these tests and courses both before and after your exchange period.

4. Confirmation of Erasmus Status

You must complete and submit this form by the end of your exchange. This is a confirmation of your completed Erasmus+ exchange period.

  • Download form.
  • Fill in your personal details and information about where you are on an Erasmus+ exchange.
  • Fill in the dates for when you started and completed your exchange. Your last exam date is the end date. This is used to calculate your last payment of the Erasmus+ scholarship.
  • Please upload the document in the digital service desk.

5. Erasmus+ participant report

After your exchange period you will receive a link to a report that must be finalized within the given deadline. The report takes approximately 10 minutes to finalize, and we are not able to transer remaing funds (if any) before the test is finalized.


Contact the study advisor at your study programme if you have questions about the Learning Agreement. Contact the International Office if you have questions about the other documents.

Please contact us here:

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