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Meet the therapy horses at Ullandhaug Organic Farm!

Tuesday 23 November 2021 12:00-14:00,
Ullandhaug økologiske gård, Ullandhaugveien 150.

Ullandhaug Organic Farm is situated next to campus, and through this collaboration with SiS Health students are invited to meet and get to know these calm and social horses.

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Fresh air and excellent company will give you an uplifting break from reading. No experience with animals or farming is necessary. During the activities you will learn about how the horses are used in work and you will get to know the miniature horses Tulla, Mio and Darlin as well as the Icelandic horse Frigg.

Attendance is free, but there are limited tickets. 

Register here! (Studenter på tunet)

Time: Tuesdays 12.00-14.00

Place: Ullandhaug økologiske gård, Ullandhaugveien 150

We meet at the parking lots in front of the farm. See you there!