Outbound exchange - Network and agreements

The University of Stavanger is obliged to have agreements with or be a member of a network of educational institutions.

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Would you like to study or go on a traineeship to Europe? Erasmus+ is the solution!


Erasmus+ offers many advantages: 

  • A study grant 
  • Help to find accommodation 
  • Exemption from tuition fees 
  • Offer of a language course before the start of the semester 
  • An introductory programme for all new students on arrival 

Read more about the entire spectrum of opportunities in Erasmus+

Nordic countries and the Nordplus programme

You do not need to go far for an exciting student exchange semester - check out the options among our Nordic neighbours!

Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers' co-operation programme for student and teacher exchanges within higher education. 

Exchanges via Nordplus have the following advantages:  

  • A Nordplus grant of about NOK 2400 per month 
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host institution 
  • Generally, help to find accommodation 
  • Generally, an introductory programme 
  • Normally no language requirements 
  • If the language of instruction is Finnish or Icelandic, you can also claim a language grant from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. 

There are both academic and open networks within the Nordplus programme. Here is an overview of networks of which UiS is a member. 

Open networks: Nordlys 

Nordlys can be used if you would like to study at a university in one of the Nordic countries and cannot find a relevant academic network (see below). Nordlys is the largest network within Nordplus and thus includes most of the big universities in the Nordic Region. It is also open to all subject areas and degree levels 

Network for technology subjects: Nordtek 

Nordtek is made up of 22 educational establishments in the Nordic countries that offer education in technology subjects. To apply for a Nordtek grant, you must have at least 120 credits at the time of applying 

Other academic Nordplus networks:

Nordic countries and the Nordtek programme

Nordtek is made up of 22 educational establishments in the Nordic countries that offer education in technology subjects. To apply for a Nordtek grant, you must have at least 120 credits at the time of applying.

Agreements outside Europe

Agreements entered into between the University of Stavanger and higher educational institutions outside of the Nordplus and Erasmus+ exchange programmes in the Nordic Region and EU respectively are usually referred to as bilateral agreements.


Generally, the bilateral agreements cover all subject areas at the institution in question. The agreements can therefore be used by students on different study programmes, provided that the institution offers relevant courses. 

Sometimes, agreements outside Europe will only apply to some student groups or will include other types of restrictions. These are outlined in a separate signature section or placed in italics. Read more about which restrictions apply to the individual educational institution 


Open to all UiS-students:

With restrictions:







ECIU University 

The University of Stavanger is the only Norwegian university that is part of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) network.

ECIU is a network of innovative, mainly European universities. These universities are relatively young, have close ties with industry and contribute to regional development and innovation. They focus on new types of teaching and learning and are research-intensive. 

The ECIU universities co-operate across international borders to develop their teaching methods and to ensure top-quality education. This includes an increased focus on problem-based and ICT-supported learning, a focus on joint master's degree programmes and other exchange opportunities for students and employees. 

The ECIU members

 ECIU was established in the Netherlands in 1997. The member institutions have a total of around 380,000 students and over 50,000 employees. 

Get more information about the ECIU members on our ECIU University web page, or contact the International Office in the Digital student service desk.

Student exchanges with the ECIU universities are facilitated through the Erasmus+ and Nordplus mobility programme. We also have a bilateral agreement with Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. 


UArctic's student exchange program north2north provides opportunities to study in different parts of the High North.

Through studies at universities and colleges in the circumpolar world, students get a chance to live and work in another part of the global north.

At the University of Stavanger, the Faculty of Science and Technology is part of this network, student mobility is limited to students at this faculty.

More information about UArctic.


Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Canada, USA, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Russia 


Participating nort2north institutions.


  • It is possible to apply for NOK 15 000 per semester.
  • Grants are usually awarded to those traveling on an exchange to the Faroe Islands, the United States and Canada.
  • Usually exemption from tuition fees

north2north Mobility Guidelines.

Important deadlines:

1. Apply for student exchange via Søknadsweb before 1 February.
2. The deadline to apply for the north2north program is 15 February

Documentation when applying:

1. Motivation letter
2. Endorsement letter
3. Transcript
4. CV 

Study catalouge

Study in Svalbard

By taking a semester at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), you will encounter an exciting and international academic environment in Arctic research. The teaching at UNIS is field-based, and nature is used as a laboratory and an arena for learning, observation, collection and analysis of data

Who can apply?

The academic fields of expertise at UNIS include Arctic biology, Arctic geology, Arctic geophysics and Arctic physics and technology.  It is most suitable for students who take courses in these subject areas to apply to UNIS.   

UNIS requires prior knowledge beyond general university and college admission certification to qualify for admission to all courses.  

Read more about admission requirements for each discipline and about general admission requirements for courses.  

Special requirements for prior knowledge to qualify for admission to master's and doctoral level courses are stated in the individual course descriptions.  

I want to apply! What do I do? 

Students who want a study period at UNIS should contact the study consultant/study coordinator in their department for information on the subjects at UNIS that are recommended in your study programme and whether these can be included in your study plan.  

Click here to read more about UNIS.  

Hvilke fag kan jeg ta?

The teaching language is English. 

When and how do I apply? 

You may apply directly to UNIS here. 

Application deadlines:

  • 15 February for summer courses
  • 15 April for autumn semester 
  • 15 October for spring semester 

When does teaching start? 

  • Summer courses: Between June and August. Course duration varies.  
  • Autumn semester: Start of August – mid-December. 
    (For some master’s degree courses: From mid-June)  
  • Spring Semester: Start of January – early June. 

Do I have to pay a certain amount myself?

As a UiS student, you only pay a semester fee, in addition to having to register at UiS before you leave. 

Is a study period at Svalbard considered an exchange semester? 

No, it is not. A semester at UNIS is not considered an exchange, and you must apply there on your own. By this we mean that you do not have to be nominated to apply. 

Remember to talk to the study adviser/study coordinator about how UNIS courses can be adapted in your curriculum. 


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