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Outdoor workout in Sørmarka

Monday 7 June 2021 13:45-15:15,
Ullandhaug- oppmøte Kitty Kiellandshus.

Do you want to exercise, but find it hard to motivate yourself alone? Then this training programme from SiS Health might be the solution. We work out in Sørmarka by Campus Ullandhaug every Monday. There is room for everyone, it does not depend on your fitness. Sign up and join us!

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Physical activity is a medicine completely without side effects. As you probably know, there is a long list of positive effects from increasing activity in everyday life, and some of these effects are dose-response controlled. It's about finding exactly the dose of physical activity that gives you a positive return and makes you want to keep going. In this course you have the opportunity to explore this with us - and it's completely free. We make room for trial and error, and we make sure to "pick you back up again".

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Objectives of the course:

  • Better condition and strength
  • Experience mastery by using your body physically and sharing this with others who seek the same
  • Give you more energy, well-being and joy, and hopefully a fresh and strong head that can help you further with your studies

Time: Mondays at 13.45 - 15.15

Attendance/meet-up: Outside Kitty Kielland's house at Campus Ullandhaug. The actual training takes place in Sørmarka. You only need to bring work out clothes, we have the equipment. In case of very bad weather, we'll do an indoor alternative.

This course is suitable for those who:

  • Need a push to get in better shape
  • Do not have much training experience, or who have not trained much for a while
  • Can benefit from, and enjoy, meeting others
  • Has paid semester fee to SiS in the current semester

To secure a place at all the training sessions, you must sign up for all the dates you can participate in. Remember that you'll get the best effect from the training if you participate in all the sessions :) It is important that you unsubscribe if you can not meet on a specific date, so that the space is free for others.

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If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Hagland at or Kjersti Holter at