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UiS student with a good idea? Apply for one million NOK in support from NFR
(STUD-ENT Scheme)

Wednesday 19 January 2022 13:30-15:00,
digitalt- Microsoft Teams.

Are you a student with a great, new business idea? Join the information meeting about STUD-ENT funding from the Research Council

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The Research Council of Norway (NFR) annually distributes millions to innovative business ideas for students who are passionate about entrepreneurship! The deadline for applications is 16 March 2022 and all students at master's, six-year professional education and PhD level can apply for this grant in collaboration with UiS.

The information meeting is suitable both for those who want general information about a possible application in the future, and for those who want to work towards the deadline of 2022.

On the program:

- LevelUp generally informs about the STUD-ENT scheme

- Tips and experience from previous STUD-ENT applications and students

- How Validé can assist in the application process

Should there be questions about the event, you can send these to with the header "STUD-ENT" Join and see if you are the student who runs off with 1 million NOK for your idea!

You can read more about the STD-ENT Scheme HERE

LINK for the meeting: