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Students honored for best company report

The best report among this year's first semester bachelor students in Business and Administration was awarded to Martin Møller Hovda, Erling Garpestad, Håvard Aarrestad and Martin Stråbø, in a ceremony at the UiS Business School on Thursday, December 17th, 2020.

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From left: Professor Jan Frick and dean Ola Kvaløy together with the award winners Håvard Aarrestad, Martin Stråbø, Erling Garpestad, Martin Møller Hovda and Course manager Ola Barkved (Photo: UiS)

The students submitted the best company report in the course "BØK101 Introduction to companies and management". They have described the company R. Stahl Tranberg which delivers smart marine applications and safety systems for light to the shipping and offshore industry, based on publicly available information.

Dean Ola Kvaløy at the UiS Business School handed out diplomas and day passes from Sirdal Skiing Resort to the award winners and praised the students for their great efforts. - I notice that the new subject has given the students a greater understanding of the complexity and variations of work tasks and different issues that exist in companies, Ola Kvaløy said after the award ceremony. We hope that this increases the interest in business and administration as a subject areas. Hopefully the students have been able to realize how much interesting and varied work tasks there are in the different businesses and companies. At the same time the students can see how many knowledgeable and committed people there are in the different corporations. To study business and administration is not just about numbers, it is also about meeting with people within a wide range of exciting work tasks, Kvaløy concluded.

Dean Ola Kvaløy and the award winning team: Håvard Aarrestad, Martin Stråbø, Erling Garpestad and Martin Møller Hovda (Photo: UiS)