Allocation of limited exchange spaces

How do we rank applicants when there are limited study spaces available?

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Rules for ranking applicants for limited exchange study spaces as part of of a full degree study programme

Approved by the Education Committee on 12 September, 2012. Last revised on 15 November, 2023.

These rules apply to regular semester mobility.

  1. Students without full credit progression at the application deadline are ranked lower than those with full credit progression, regardless of the grade point average.
  2. Limited study spaces are allocated to applicants with the highest ranking points. In the case of tied ranking points, spaces are allocated by drawing lots.
  3. The final ranking points consist of the grade point average plus any additional points. Weighted grade point average is calculated based on completed courses in the current educational track, where A=5 points and E=1 point. For each completed academic year (60 credit points), 0.1 additional points are added to the grade point average (up to 0.3 additional points). Grades from the current educational track at UiS and other colleges/universities in Norway with the same grading system are included in the basis of assessment.
    • Credits earned beyond the regular number of credits for the degree are not included in the basis of assessment. The upper limit is 180 credits for a bachelor's degree and 120 credits for a master's degree. If a student has taken courses beyond the regular curriculum for the current semester, only mandatory courses and elective courses with the highest grades are included in the final basis for assessment.
    • If relevant applicants have not obtained grades from UiS at the time of application and have a background from different grading systems, point calculation will be done using a conversion table. In cases where there is no conversion table, a discretionary point calculation must be made and presented to the Director of Education for final approval.
  4. For traineeships abroad, the International Office ranks the students before the relevant faculty/department allocates available spaces. Each faculty may have its own additional ranking rules for allocation.
  5. At the Faculty of Performing Arts, the faculty ranks applicants for limited study spaces.