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Local admission to Master programs and further studies

In order to apply to two year master programs, PPU and further studies through local admission, register your application in the application portal Søknadsweb.

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Contact local admission
Contact Phone: (0047) 51 83 15 44

Opening hours

Monday-friday 09:00-11:30 and 12:00-15:00

Important links
Are you a local or international applicant?

Check here.

The application portal for local admission


How to apply?

Check here for a guide on how to apply as a local applicant for master programs, PPU or further studies.

Check here to find out if you are a local or international applicant, and information regarding your application deadline.

Check our Study Catalogue for more information regarding the programs offered at the University of Stavanger. You may apply for up to five programs for admission to master programs and further studies. Some programs have specialisations, where each specialisations is listed as a program in the admission portal.

It is possible to apply for up to three subject didactics in the application to PPU.

Read the academic requirements carefully for each programme you are applying to before starting your application. The academic requirements can be found under the admission requirements section of each programme in the Study Catalogue. The admission office does not have the capacity to evaluate credentials prior to application. If you think you are eligible, we encourage you to apply.

Some programs require minimum grade point average of the education qualifying you for admission, which is usually your bachelor's degree. A minimum requirement of C on the ECTS grading scale mean that you must meet 2,5 in our conversion scale from ECTS letter grades to numerical values. Some programs may have higher requirements. Read more information here how we calculate the grade point average for local applicants with a bachelor's degree from Norway.

If your education is from a country that uses a different grading system, we will

make a discretionary assessment.

To qualify for study programmes taught in Norwegian, you need to meet the Norwegian and English requirements as the programmes that you apply for through Samordna opptak. The admission to programmes taught in English may require higher level of English if you need to document an approved test. Read more about the language requirements.

Which documents you are required to upload may vary on the admission requirements to the programme. Remember to check the admission requirements to a programmes before applying, and upload the documents to your application. How to document education, work experience and other documents relevant to the admission can be found on our website for documentation requirements for local applicants.

You register your application in the application portal Søknadsweb for University of Stavanger. Choose first ‘Application for Master's Programmes, PPU and Further Education’ and then chose between these admissions:

  • Admission to Master's Programmes and further education at UiS
  • Admission to Master's Programmes and further education in nursing (Only for educations that have an application deadline 1 March)
  • Admission to Master in Pre-Hospital Critical Care
  • Admission to PPU

The next step is to add the application alternatives and prioritize the alternatives. If you wish to apply for programmes in more than one admission, you can choose ‘New application’ and then go through the same process.

Remember to submit the application to complete the application process. If you do not submit it and do not receive an email to your registered account, the application may not be registered.

The outcome regarding admission for two year master programmes, PPU and further education (starting in August) will be sent out no later than 25 July. We recommend paying attention to your email during the application process, as there may be sent questions, documentation requests or the outcome of the application before 25 July. If you receive an offer for study place, you will have about a week to accept it.

If you have questions, you can check our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question there, please contact us by email or phone. Our contact information can be found at the top of the page.