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Norwegian Language Course

Learn the basics of the Norwegian language while studying in Stavanger.

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Studenter rundt et bord

The University of Stavanger offers Norwegian language courses for beginners at a reduced rate to new international students enrolled at University of Stavanger.

Please ensure to check your timetable prior to signing up for the course.

Information about the course:

  • The courses are meant as an introduction to Norwegian for new international students and will be taught at A1 level only.
  • The courses are held twice a week for 12 weeks and different schedule options are available.
  • The courses are subsidized by the International Office, but students must pay a fee of NOK 1000, in addition to purchasing the required textbook(s) for the course. The regular price for this course is 5000 NOK, so you are getting a good deal!
  • Spaces are limited to 20 participants per group. The number of groups available will be determined closer to semester start.  
  • Students do NOT receive academic credits for this course. 
  • More information, and access to the online registration system, will be given during semester start in the beginning of January/August.

If you have any questions, please contact