The wireless network "eduroam" will get a new certificate on Wednesday, October 12th at 16:00.

This is limited to UiS employees and students who is connecting to eduroam from other eduroam enabled institutions such as Universities, airports and hospitals etc.

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Some users (depending on type of wireless device), will need to approve the new certificate at the next connection to eduroam. On UiS laptops, Android devices and devices with Linux OS, the new certificate will be approved automatically.

Problems with private wireless devices?

You may have to choose "Forget eduroam" and try to connect to eduroam again. On some devices you have to right-click on "eduroam" and choose forget. On other devices you may choose "Delete this network" and try to login to eduroam again.

Problems with UiS laptops (managed by UiS IT)?

A new wireless profile for the eduroam wireless network, containing a updated certificate, will be distributed to devices connected to the network. Offline devices may experience connectivity issues to the eduroam wireless network.  If this happens, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Remember that username is your or followed by your UiS-password (Feide-password).

iOS devices managed by UiS must be connected to eduroam again

The configuration profile for eduroam will be removed on iOS-devices (iPhone and iPad) managed by UiS. The consequences is that user must connect to eduroam again. 

Follow the guide if necessary
If you experience connectivity issues to the eduroam wireless network, please contact the IT Service Desk.