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Become a teaching assistant at UiS Business School!

We are looking for talented and motivated students who want to combine their studies with a job during fall 2021. The application deadline is May 14.

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As a teaching assistant (TA) you can contribute to fellow students' learning experiences in many and important ways, especially by communicating the subject matter from a student perspective. As a student, you can communicate subject matter from a different angle than an experienced lecturer can. The general feedback from students is that the TA contribution is important for learning.

Tasks for a TA can include meetings with students, arranging seminars and group work, arranging lab exercises, giving feedback on assignments, registering attendance at compulsory activities. All work is in collaboration with and under the guidance of the teacher.

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Why become a teaching assistant?

Here are five good reasons!

1. Relevant work experience on the CV gives you an advantage

Employers do not just look at education and grades when recruiting. How do you stand out from other graduates with the same education? A job as a TA gives you relevant work experience even before you have graduated. By combining work and studies, you also show that you are structured and that you have good work capacity.

2. It is a paid and sought-after job with a strong signaling effect

It is a part-time job that can be combined with full-time studies. Being a TA signals some important competencies: You are skilled, committed and motivated. The fact that you have been a TA signals that you are willing to take on a challenge and are not afraid to throw yourself into something new.

3. It is professionally developing

There is hardly a better way to learn than to teach. By explaining the subject matter to fellow students, you yourself develop a deeper understanding of the subject. It also stimulates your creativity and communication skills, because you have to deal with students with different backgrounds and skills.

4. It is personally developing

The vast majority are uncomfortable presenting in front of an audience. But - this is about training! The farther you dare to go beyond your comfort zone, the bigger it gets. You will also experience the joy of seeing how fellow students, because of your help, understand a difficult theory that you yourself recently struggled with – and finally understood.

5. You develop your teamwork skills and you build networks

As a TA you get the opportunity to build important social and professional networks as you work closely with the teachers at HH. Good collaboration skills are highly valued in working life.

Students with TA experience are preferred over others when we are recruiting. This is because they have relevant experience and have shown commitment during their studies.

Anne Cathrin Østebø , CEO of Validé

We are looking for TAs in the following subjects
Bachelor in Business Administration

Introduksjon til bedrifter og ledelse (BØK101) Matematikk og forskningsmetode (BØK108) Etikk, samfunnsansvar og bærekraft (BØK109) Finansiering og investering (BØK260) Grunnleggende regnskap og bedriftsøkonomi (BØK195) Markedsføring (BØK250) Entrepreneurship and Business Plan (BØK385) Information and Technology Management (BØK405)

Master in Business Administration

Business Decisions (MSB102) Microeconomics (MSB107) Strategy and Business Models (MSB108) Managing Strategic Partnerships (MSB 201) Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship (MSB415)

Bachelor of Law

Rettskultur og komparativ rett (BRV330) Norske og internasjonale rettslige institusjoner (BRV200) Menneskerettigheter (BRV230) Forvaltningsrett I (BRV105)

Bachelor in Customs, Goods handling and Border control

Grunnleggende handel, logistikk og vareførsel (TOL100) New course in the new customs programme. The desirable background is BØK350, BØK375 or a Master in Business Administration, but it is not a requirement.

Working hours, salary and criteria
Working hours

How much a TA works depends on the teacher in collaboration with the TA. It can range from a few hours a single week to 10 hours per week. Working hours always include contact time with students and time for preparation (eg preparation for seminars and review of assignments). Working hours are agreed upon between the TA and the teacher, and approved by the dean/program manager. As a full-time student, the work should in any case not exceed 10 hours per week.


TAs are paid on an hourly basis in accordance with current government pay regulations. Today, this corresponds to an hourly wage of 184,5,– for master students and NOK 166,– for bachelor students.


You must have obtained at least grade B on the course in which you are to be a TA. Teachers choose themselves their TA based on academic results and personal suitability.

Certificate of employment

All TAs will receive a certificate of employment.

Meet a recruiter and a former student assistant

Erika Berle, doctoral research fellow and former manager of Deloitte.
Irene Kengen, doctoral research fellow and former TA.