Department of Economics and Finance Seminars

Find seminars on economics and finance. Seminars are held Wednesdays from 12:15 to 13:15 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.

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  • 14.: Sumeet Gulati from University of British Columbia - Fatal Human Elephant Conflict in India
  • 28.: Gergely Hajdu from Vienna University of Economics and Business - How Does Choice Affect Beliefs?


  • 12.: Joscha Wanner from University of Potsdam - Multinational Production, Trade, and Carbon Emissions


  • 9.: Ivan Alfaro from BI - TBA
  • 16.: Ahmad Lashkaripour from Indiana University - TBA
  • 23.: Ola Lotherington Vestad from SSB - TBA
  • 30.: Tilbor Neugebauer from Université du Luxembourg - TBA


  • 7.: Anna Ignatenko from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) - Price Discrimination and Competition in International Transportation
  • 14.: John Finlay from Yale University - Exporters, Credit Constrains and Misallocation


  • 15.: Yabin Wang from NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Title: Wholesale funding runs
  • 22.: Isabel Martínez from KOF Konjunkturforschungsstelle


  • 8.: Joschka Wanner from University of Potsdam. Title: Multinational Production, Trade, and Carbon
  • 15.: Julian Vedeler Johnsen from University of Bergen
  • 22.: Oliko Vardishvili from University of California Irvine - Title: The Macroeconomic Cost of College Dropouts
  • 29.: Siri Isaksson from NHH - Title: Simon Says: Examining gender differences in advice seeking and influence in the lab.” (with Emma Heikensten)


  • 5.: John Finlay from Columbia Business School. Title: Exporters, Credit Constraints, and Misallocation
  • 12.: Cloé Garnache from University of Oslo. Title: Do electricity prices get capitalized into real estate prices?
  • 19.: David Hemous from UBS Center. Title: Adverse Selection as a Policy Instrument: Unraveling Climate Change
  • 26 (Tuesday).: Rafael Dix-Carreiro


  • 3.: Malgouyres Clément from Paris School of Economics. Title: Follow the money! Why dividends overreact to flat-tax reforms
  • 10.: Anne Hannusch from University of Mannheim. Title: Cohabitation and Child Development
  • 24.: Ines Helm from LMU Münich
  • 31.: Woan Foong Wong from University of Oregon. Title: Multimodal Transport


  • 7.: Kjetil Bjorvatn from NHH. Title: Learning together: Experimental evidence from parent engagement in education in Uganda

Upcoming seminars

12th edition of the Field Days - Experiments outside the laboratory

Mon. 05.06 09:00

tue. 06.06 15:30

UiS, Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus

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