Mandatory starting weeks for MSB-students

Registrations, social activities and a required BootCamp welcomes you to Stavanger. Here is everything you need to know.

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After you have arrived in Stavanger and registered everything necessary about yourself, there are some important weeks waiting for you.

On August 22, the BootCamp week starts. The BootCamp is a week-long program (throughout week 34) designed to set you up for the successful completion of the MSB program. It is important to note that this participation is mandatory.

Registration starts at 08:30 at Tjodhallen in the KE building. More information will come at the semester start welcome session on August 15th.

The program will include the following:

  • Brush up pre-requisite knowledge: These are skills you are expected to have from your bachelor's program, and you will need them from day one.
    • Academic writing
    • Math and statistics
  • Enhance your skills for more effective learning
    • Presentation and communication
    • Negotiation and conflict resolution
    • Team skills
    • Stress and anxiety management
  • Get to know your classmates

Attendance will be taken at each session. Bring your student ID card or your mobile phone with the student ID app.


  • Who should attend the BootCamp?
    All the incoming first-year students at the University of Stavanger Business School MSB program (starting fall 2022) are required to participate.
  • What happens if I can't attend?
    The BootCamp is organized as a mandatory part of the Business Decisions course (mandatory first-semester course). Failing to complete the BootCamp will result in the incompletion of the Business Decision course and, therefore, incompletion of a required course.
  • What if I get ill and can't attend?
    With appropriate documentation (e.g., doctor's note), you'll be offered to complete this portion in the subsequent year.
Handelshøgskolen fadderuke
Welcome to UiS Business School!

But before this BootCamp, you'll have a slightly different week. That is the sponsor-week, or «fadderuka,» in Norway. Get to know your fellow students by going to social gatherings and concerts. You can find more information here.

About your first semester

There are three courses that you will take in your first semester.

Data Analytics and Business Decisions are two common courses that everyone will take.

And one course will be specific to your specialization:

· Economics: MSB107 Microeconomics

· Applied Finance: MSB309 Corporate Finance

· Strategy and Leadership: MSB325 Sustainable Business Practices

· Strategic Marketing: MSB108 Strategy and Business Models

· Business Development and Innovation: MSB305 Business Development and Innovation: Introduction