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Workshop: LaTeX Advanced

Tuesday 16 February 2021 09:15-11:00,
The Data Lab,
KE A-259.

Join the library for an advanced class in the data managment software LaTeX.

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Handling references and large documents

This workshop is for people who can handle the basics in LaTeX, and who want to learn more about reference management and how to handle larger documents, like a thesis, using LaTeX. We will look at how we can use reference management software like Zotero and EndNote in combination with Overleaf, and how we can separate different chapters into separate files and combine them into one file at the end.

Target audience: Students and staff at UiS Equipment: Your own laptop with a user in Overleaf Prior knowledge needed: Introduction to LaTeX or similar knowledge Participants: max 12 Registration: No registration required Language: English Where: The Data Lab, KE A-259

After the class you should know:

  • Specific commands that are useful when writing a larger paper
  • How to create a folder structure that allows you to keep an overview of the different elements of your paper
  • How to use citations in LaTeX and how to use LaTeX in combination with EndNote or Zotero
User in Overleaf

We use the online editor Overleaf to do the exercises. Remember to register as a user and bring your laptop to the workshop.

Where is the class?

The class will take place in the Data Lab, KE A-259, in the library.

More about LaTeX

Check out LaTeX Libguide for more information about LaTeX. Here you can find useful tips about how to use LaTeX.

Questions about LaTeX? Contact:

Division of Research

Stavanger University Library

Research and Study Support

LaTeX 1: introduction

The library also offers a basic starter class in LaTeX.