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Wed. 06.03.2024


University library
KE A-253

UiS Business School Seminar: The Surprising Static and Dynamic Effects of Oil and Gas Flaring on Agriculture

Wed. 06.03.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

"Relationships Between Human and Nonhuman in D. W. Jones' Dogsbody" by Honoka Matsuki

Wed. 06.03.2024


Hulda Garborgs hus

Centre for Innovation Research Seminar: Neighbourhood Effects and Innovation – What Do Street Networks Tell Us?

Thu. 07.03.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

Girl Dinner 2024

Thu. 07.03.2024


Hotel Victoria Stavanger

Value creation for the future

Fri. 08.03.2024


Forum Jæren, Hetlandsgata 9 Bryne

Concert: The Other Gender

Fri. 08.03.2024


University library

Shall We Read? Shared Reading at the Bjergsted library

Mon. 11.03.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Bjergsted

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "Locusts of Power" by Samuel Dolbee

Mon. 11.03.2024



Seminar: Transfer in Focus

Wed. 13.03.2024


University of Stavanger

"Local and Global: Atlantic Salmon, Urban Rivers and a Changing Climate" by James Barilla

Wed. 13.03.2024


Hulda Garborgs hus
HG N-106

Write! with the library

Wed. 13.03.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Ullandhaug

Researcher Breakfast - Gender Equality in an Educational Context

Thu. 14.03.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Ullandhaug

Theories and Models for Understanding Organizational and Individual Performance

Thu. 14.03.2024


Campus Ullandhaug, Kjell Arholms house,
KA U-137

Centre for Innovation Research Seminar: Unlocking regional futures – Networks, Institutions, and Governance

Thu. 14.03.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

Open seminar: The future of leadership in healthcare – supporting resilience and mental wellbeing

Fri. 15.03.2024


Ydalir Hotel

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "The Weight of Gold" by Mica Jorgenson

Mon. 18.03.2024



End-to-end vibration monitoring solution

Tue. 19.03.2024



Visit from Griffith University

Tue. 19.03.2024



Book club – Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica

Wed. 20.03.2024


University Library, kongsgårdsalongen

Eat Yourself Smart

Thu. 21.03.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Ullandhaug

"Waste Management in Bangladesh: dominance of the informal sector" by Mitu Poddar

Wed. 03.04.2024


Hulda Garborgs hus
HG N-106

Idea Hunt 2024

Tue. 09.04 15:00

thu. 11.04 20:00

Lyspæren innovasjonshus

Energy Norway 2024

Mon. 15.04 09:00

wed. 17.04 16:00


"Place, Environment and Gender on Norwegian Oil Platforms, 1969-1980" by Jay Richardson

Wed. 17.04.2024


Hulda Garborgs hus
HG N-106

PhD Skills workshop "kappe"

Thu. 18.04.2024


online workshop

Shall We Read? Shared Reading at the Bjergsted library

Mon. 22.04.2024


Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Bjergsted

Caring science - the heart of multi-professional care

Wed. 24.04 08:00

thu. 25.04 14:30

The Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Stavanger

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "Subjunctive Aesthetics" by Carolyn Fornoff

Mon. 06.05.2024



Book club – Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Wed. 22.05.2024


University library

Nordic Rheology Conference 2024

Wed. 29.05 10:00

fri. 31.05 16:00

University of Stavanger

Resilient Health Care Society Summer Meeting

Sun. 09.06 15:00

thu. 13.06 10:00

Sola Beach Hotel

Experimental Finance Conference 2024

Mon. 10.06 09:00

thu. 13.06 16:00

University of Stavanger

KÅKÅnomics 2024

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


Norway Summit 2024 – The Next Move

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


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Together for a Sustainable Future of Quality and Safety

SHARE - Center for Resilience in Healthcare recently hosted an international seminar titled “The future of quality and s...

Fire in Student accommodations

Students have been affected by the fire that occurred in the student accommodations at Stareveien in Sandal Sunday, Dece...

Gathering International Researchers at Sola

SHARE – Center for Resilience in Healthcare at UiS is hosting Resilient Health Care Society’s summer conference at Sola ...

Researching the unnoticed connections between petroculture and cultural heritage

Professor Dolly Jørgensen has won funding to research the links between cultural heritage and petrocultures and their co...

Renowned archaeologist David Wengrow holds the first Henrik Steffens Lecture

The University of Stavanger is proud to announce the launch of a new annual lecture series, the Henrik Steffens Lecture....

Students competed for the best consulting report.

Once again this year, students in the course "Economics of Motivation" had the opportunity to work as consultants in t...

New rights retention strategy gives researchers greater rights

The University of Stavanger has introduced a new rights retention strategy for employees in order to achieve the goal of...

ECIU University issues e-sealed micro-credentials

In a historic European first, the European university alliance is rolling out centralized, tamper-proof micro-credential...

UiS stands in solidarity with the victims of the war in the Middle East

Statement from Rector Klaus Mohn and the academic community at the University of Stavanger.

They help hundreds of researchers each year

Elin, Linda, and John David at the Stavanger University Library are passionate about research being open and transparent...

Organizes seminar on the future of quality and safety in healthcare

SHARE – Center for Resilience in Healthcare is hosting an international seminar titled “The future of quality and safety...

Seed Funding – Green Transition

In order to increase cross-faculty research collaboration and boost green transition topics within the education offered...

UiS must cut costs - does it affect me as a student?

The University of Stavanger does not escape cuts and tougher economic conditions. But as a student, you should hardly no...

Teaching students how to use AI

Acquiring proficiency in AI technology will be pivotal in the future job market. At the University of Stavanger Business...

New offer for students with Norwegian as a second language

Students who have Norwegian as a second language will now be offered extended academic guidance during their first semes...

Will study children's cognitive functioning with low-magnetic MRI machine

A portable, low-magnetic MRI machine gives researchers an indication of whether a child is going to follow typical or at...

Combining art and science in a film project on the ethical challenges of the Green Transition

The artist Hans Baumann has received a Fulbright-scholarship to spend four months at the University of Stavanger working...

Drama is key to succesful longterm collaboration

Even with travelling restrictions during the pandemic and troubled times in Nablus and the West Bank; The Erasmus+ excha...

A research project to make teaching more engaging

Teacher Olaug Ueland receives feedback on her teaching from a personal coach. The goal is to make interaction with the p...

Prestigious EU grant for Health Services Research

Researchers at the University of Stavanger have received 6 million euros from the prestigious EU research program Horizo...

Receives award for innovation in computing

Professor Dimitrios G. Pavlou was recently awarded the prestigious Hojjat Adeli Award for Innovation in Computing.

Ingvil Hellstrand Wins Award for Dissemination and Societal engagement

The UiS researcher moves elegantly between equal opportunities and gender diversity, welfare and caring sciences researc...

UiS-students with Jazz School for children

Do you know any children or youths who'd like to learn jazz? This Jazz School is run by the jazz students from UiS Facul...

Rektors tale til studentane ved semesterstart 2023

Rector Klaus Mohn welcomed the students to a new academic year during the opening ceremony at Campus Ullandhaug today. R...

Concerts and Performances

Employees and students at the Faculty of Performing Arts host up to 200 concerts and performances per year. Here is an o...

Rune Dahl Fitjar is the new head of the Center for Innovation Research

Fitjar is a professor in innovation studies and comes from the position of Vice-Rector for Innovation and Society at the...

10 million NOK for research on under-explored marine resources

Environmental changes from generation to generation aren’t always visible. A new research project exploring natural reso...

Cecilia inspires youth in Bolivia to make music

My summer job: The flute student works voluntary with arranging seminars in her home country during the summers

Industry awards to energy students

Repsol and Vår Energi awarded a total of nine prizes and NOK 350,000 to bachelor and master students at UiS.

What does the energy industry need?

Researchers at University of Stavanger have asked the industry to define their education needs in the years to come.

Why can't ChatGPT just write my paper?

Since the fall of 2022, we’ve seen ChatGPT and similar AI-based programs become increasingly popular. Consequently, ther...

Olympiad in Engineering Science summed up

Scientists and engineers from all over the world were gathered in Olympia in Greece to take part in the first ever engin...

Joanna offers students free guidance at the library

Joanna sought help from a student mentor when she struggled with her own bachelor's thesis. Now she helps other students...