The course aims to improve your skills in writing, listening, speaking and reading Norwegian. The course also gives an aspect of the Norwegian culture. The teaching methods are communicative and require active participation. Some homework must be expected. The syllabus follows the standardized objectives of the European Framework of Language level B1.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 17:00 - 19:30
Starting date: 30.01.2020, last day of teaching: 14.05.2020
In total 85 hours of teaching. All classes are held at campus, University of Stavanger.

No teaching in week numbers 9.
You will receive all practical information closer to starting date.

Please read all the information below



Course fee

NOK 7.000,- + teaching material
Books: Has not been clarified.
You can buy the books in the bookstore at campus.

Closing date for registration: 16.01.2020
An enrollment of 15 participants is needed to run the course.

Please note that

  • Registration is binding
  • The invoice will be sent to you at the same time as starting date for the course.
  • Cancellation later than last day of registration will result in 25 % of the course fee.
  • Cancellation after the course has started, or total absence, results in 100 % of the course fee.
  • Paid course fee will not be refunded


  • A background of higher education and a legal residency permit in Norway. Completed level A2.
  • And a legal residency permit in Norway. 


Non-credit course. An attendance of 85% is required. Final test in writing, reading, listening and speaking will be held at the end of the course. A certificate is provided after completed course.

Learning outcomes

• Understand the main points in written and oral presentation related to familiar topics.
• Give a presentation, written and orally, about known topics.
• Participate actively in conversations and express thoughts, point of views related to everyday life, work and interests.
• Read and understand the main points in textbooks, simple articles, and newspaper.
• Have sufficient command of both oral and written Norwegian which errors that do not interfere with communication.

Please note that changes may occur.

Publisert 09.06.2020