The subject Marine technology is essential for understanding which forces act on all structures at sea.

5 studypoints

We review key themes such as vessel stability, understanding of regular and irregular waves, wave loads, dynamics of structures, vessel design and fixed structures, and reliability of structures.


  • Stability of vessels
  • Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics
  • Wave analysis
  • Dynamics
  • Wave loads
  • Irregular waves and wave statistics
  • Reliability issues in offshore engineering
  • Aspects of marine design
  • Environmental friendly offshore activities
  • Safety aspects of offshore activities.

These topics are important for the maritime industry, for the offshore oil and gas industry, for those operating offshore wind turbines and for the aquaculture industry. Examples will be provided and discussed with emphasis on the participants' interests.

Course design

All themes will have a set of power point slides with questions
The slides will have voice attached and presentation will also be given online
Homework applies if the participants who will go for exam

There will be online lectures every wednesday between 12.00-14.00 from 19th of August to 11th of November2020.


The course is held by Professor Emeritus Ove Tobias Gudmestad.

Read more about him here.



Publisert 05.07.2020