This course aims to prepare students to read, understand, interpret, and create maps and other products from maps for geoscientific purposes.

10 studypoints


At the end of the semester, students should have an understanding of what it means to create a map. This course is intended to be beneficial for basic cartographic applications.

Specific objectives are:

  • reading, understanding, and interpreting maps;
  • reading and understanding scientific literature;
  • writing scientific summary of work;
  • basic understanding and use of geographic information systems;
  • ability to use and understand basics of GPS;
  • solve basic spatial problems using Python; and
  • present work in a scientific manner.

The course will be in the period 17.8 - 27.11.2020

There will be an online meeting 17th of August at 10.30.

The examreport can be delivered in Norwegian.

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The course is held by Lisa Jean Watson.

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Publisert 28.07.2020