Presentation of the IP "Text, memory and history"

An international workshop with MA and PhD students - 14 days with intensive classes and students from Norway, Sweden and France.

Holocaust museum in Paris

Knowledge about the European past and especially the knowledge about how the past is today interpreted, transmitted and used in different national and cultural contexts is perceived to be of extreme importance for the organisation of the community.

History, memories and cultural heritage affect people’s existence and their co-existence with others. Transcultural and interdisciplinary knowledge in Europe about cultural memory and cultural heritage is furthermore central to develop a more comprehensive understanding of modern social challenges.

The intensive programme workshop will bring together 60 students in history, literature and cultural studies … and 15 teachers from three different European institutions.
The 60 students will work together for 14 days and the 15 teachers will be involved in group teaching, workshops, theory lessons, project management, as well as individual/group supervision for students.

The innovative aspect of the pedagogy of this IP lies in its transcultural, transnational and interdisciplinary character (History, Literary Studies, Political sciences, Film Studies, Cultural Studies…), in the balance between solid theoretical lessons and diversity of empirical studies but also in the use of ICT in presenting the work and dissemination of results.

This course is the result of a long term research cooperation with the University of Lund and the University of Lille III Charles de Gaulle