Preschool teacher training BA

Preschool teacher training qualifies graduates for teaching jobs in early childhood institutions (children age 0–6), and promotes the personal development of the student.

The BA-degree provides a professional education. It is closely tied to practical experience, and is designed in accordance with Norwegian education legislation and the existing framework plan for preschool teacher training. 

This teacher training programme is a professional course (180 ECTS), embracing compulsory (150 ECTS) and optional (30 ECTS) sections. In addition, 20 weeks of supervised teaching practice are integrated in the course. This practice will primarily take place in early childhood institutions, but two weeks will also involve a placement in the first grade of primary schools.

The compulsory part of the programme comprises Pedagogy/Educational Theory (45 ECTS), Mathematics (10 ECTS), Norwegian (15 ECTS), Drama (10 ECTS), Music (10 ECTS), Arts and Crafts (10 ECTS), Natural Science (10 ECTS), Religious Education (10 ECTS), Physical Education (10 ECTS), Social Science (10E ECTS) and a Cross Disciplinary Project (10 ECTS).

In the optional part of the programme, students can choose between various subjects (30 ECTS) such as Physical Education, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Music, Comparative Educational Studies, Modern Childhood, Early Childhood Studies or Children in Landscape (Outdoor Education in a Cross-disciplinary Perspective). The subjects offered in the optional part of the programme can vary from year to year.

The Preschool teacher training programme is offered as 3 year full-time studies and as 4 years of part-time studies.

Students must have a good grasp of the Norwegian language in order to be able to complete this programme.