Video: Parental involvement

This DVD/film is made in connection to the guideline book about “Parental Involvement in Toddler`s Education”. The concepts and the importance of parental involvement are presented there.

The DVD/film is meant to show an example of good practice in this field. The setting is a so-called Open Kindergarten, were caregivers come together with their child to take part in the pedagogical environment of an ECE-setting. The caregiver can be parents on parental-leave (in Norway, the mothers and fathers has to share this one year leave), grandparents, au-pairs etc.

There are similar settings in other countries for instance in Great Britain called Family Centres, and in Australia called Supervised Playgroups. This kind of ECEC might recruit parents and children who often are described as “families hard to reach”. Several reasons could lie behind. Some parents are not fund of leaving their child to other caregivers, some do not know what ECE can offer, some do not think that early education matters and some cannot afford the costs.

Our intention in the TODDLER-project is to inspire professionals to create a rich learning environment for children from diverse backgrounds.  Because of that, it is interesting to have a closer look at the Open Kindergarten to explore how they manage to reach out to a diverse group of families.

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