Goals and objectives

TODDLER was conceived as a response to ongoing debates and discussions about early years provision in Europe.

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Background report:

"Early Childhood Education and Care in Europe: Tackling Social and Cultural Inequalities" (EURYDICE, 2009).

Description cited from Eurydice:
This study forms part of the follow-up to the 2006 European Commission Communication on ‘Efficiency and Equity in European Education and Training Systems’ which explicitly refers to pre-primary education 'as an effective means to establish the basis for further learning, preventing school drop-out, increasing equity of outcomes and overall skill levels'. The study examines the available cross-national data and national policies on early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Europe. It is structured in three parts, comprising: (1) a review of scientific literature on the impact of high quality education and care on young children; (2) a scene-setting chapter presenting statistical data on relevant demographic characteristics of European families and the participation rates in ECEC; (3) a comparative analysis of policy measures based on information collected from national units of the Eurydice network.


 1. We want to show the educational potential of high quality education & care in center-based settings for toddlers, in particular for those from low education/low income/migrant families.


  • Compare systems and approaches in 8 countries, identify areas of improvement for each country
  •  Investigate and describe ”best practice” within 3 main areas of efficient ECEC for toddlers at risk. Produce a collection of good practice justified by a theoretical rationale for these approaches.
  •  Show how ECEC can: improve early learning of languages, enhance toddlers’ well-being and improve parental involvement.

2. We want to raise awareness towards the educational benefits of high quality ECEC for toddlers at risk and improve curriculum and teaching strategies of teacher education/in-service training


  • Produce course material focusing on toddlers at risk
  •  Arrange local seminars in Pt, G, Ro and Final Conference in Be

3. We will contribute to a shift in the way provision for children under 3 is perceived.


  • Offer material for public and professional discussions (articles in journals, newspapers, course material) • Presentations in Local seminars in Pt, G, Ro and Final Conference in Be Target groups 1. Teachers in ECEC-settings for toddlers/Early Years Practitioners (EYPs) How will we reach them?
  • Local seminars (in Pt, G, Ro)
  • Final conference (in B)
  • Articles in professional journals
  • Offer a 1 week Comenius course after year

How will we reach teacher educators?

  • Discuss the project with colleagues at home institution & network meetings of Comenius Ass.
  • Articles in professional Journals/conference papers fx EECERA
  • Local seminars in Pt, G and Ro • Module for pre-service training of teachers (5ECTS)
  • Develop Intensive Programme after year

How will we reach student teachers?

  • Every partner offers reflective sessions to a group of 30 students
  • Local seminars in Pt, G and Ro
  • Participate in development of WP 3 and WP 6
  • Articles in journals, material on the Web site
  • Parts of course material used as integrated part of initial teacher training in national language
  • 5 ECTS module as part of initial training Participate in Intensive programme after year

How will we reach policy makers/school authorities?

  • Feature articles in news papers
  • Local seminars in Pt, G and Ro
  • Final Conference in Belgium