Artevelde University College

The Artevelde University College is located in the medieval city of Ghent.

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Artevelde University College is affiliated with the University of Ghent. AHS offers 14 professional bachelor programs, 3 master programs, 3 advanced bachelor programs and 12 postgraduates. Appr. 9 500 students are enrolled.

All programs offered have an outspoken international dimension, which shows in the number of student and staff mobility, of which most are funded by LLP. LLP also assists in implementing multilateral projects. AHS aims high and wants to maximize European opportunities for students, staff and the program curriculum.

The department of Preschool Education is embedded within AHS. The main activities of the department of Preschool Education concern: 1. Educating students to become excellent teachers (bachelors) for young children (2,5y – 6y) 2. Research and development in the domain of early childhood education 3. Services to society: in-service trainings for preschool teachers.