University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger is located on the south west coast of Norway.

Universitetet i Stavanger campus

The University of Stavanger is organized in 3 faculties and two national centres of expertise with responsibility for research in reading sciences and behavior. The centres strengthen the science of education community at UIS, and include expertise on subject didactics. Many of the externally funded research activities are made in collaboration with our research institute, International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS).

The UiS has approx. 8300 students and offers 34 bachelor-, 27 master - and 8 Ph.D. programmes and as a novelty in Norway, profession-oriented programmes as the general teacher’s training and the pre-school teacher’s training have been incorporated into a university. Educational research and practical educational training is a strong feature at the UIS.

The Department of Early Childhood Education has an international approach with both staff and student exchange and in addition to bachelor and master- programmes also offer an int. programme in comparative education for Exchange students.