West University of Timisoara

The West University of Timisoara is located in the city of Timisoara.

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The West University of Timisoara is a state-owned public institution, a traditional and prestigious higher education institute in Romania. Undergraduate studies courses are offered in 11 Faculties. The Faculty for Sociology and Psychology has a Department for Educational Sciences comprising one for Teacher Training. A special training is offered, after a first common year of studies, in Preschool and Primary Education.

Through undergraduate education WUT ensures a proper preparation in various scientific and cultural domains. We have Master studies in Integrated education and psycho-pedagogical counselling, System and process management in Educational Organisations and a European Master in Adult Education.

In 2002 the West University of Timisoara was evaluated by an expert commission with American, Italian and Croatian members. The results of their evaluation were very positive indeed and they expressed confidence in all our achievements and future plans.