Results from the project

The following list displays results from the TODDLER project that have been used for dissemination purposes. Material produced as part of the training courses are available under each course.

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Reflective sessions - published 18.03.2013

State of the art - published 02.05.2012

Comparative boards - published 02.05.2012

Public progress report - published 02.05.2012

Final Report - Public Part - published 20.12.2013


ECER Istanbul: "Parental Involvement: The Portuguese Task In TODDLER Project" 10.-13. September 2013 (.pptx)

EECERA, powerpoint presentation, Porto, Portugal -- 30.08.2012

Local Seminar ECEC in Timisoara, Romania -- 13.10.2011

Poster presentation EECERA Conference, Geneva, Switzerland 14.-17.9.2011

Poster presentation “Educating the reflective practitioner - the experience of the european project TODDLER”, APEI (Professional Childhood Educators Association) XII Nacional Conference, Lisbon, Portugal - 8-9.7.2011

Local seminar [Early Childhood Education Centers] for toddlers and its benefits for children from disadvantaged backgrounds from a European and portuguese perspective at Santarem, Portugal-- 18.11.2010

Toddler_AFIRSE: powerpoint presentation - communication on AFIRSE Colloquium XIX (2-4 February 2012) "Revisiting the Curriculum Studies - Where are we and where are we going?" (AFIRSE is the Association Francophone Internationale de Recherche Scientifique en Education).

Toddler_IPS: powerpoint presentation - communication on I UIIPS Congress (Santarém 8-9 February 2012) - Research and Development. (UIIPS is the Research Unit of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém,)

Scientific articles/papers:

Vintila, Mona: "Using Reflective Seminar as a Learning Method", p110, (abs.) IN: International Conference on Applied Social Sciences held in Timisoara, 18-20 of June 2012

Vintila, Mona: "Academic Strategies of Creating Specialists Qualified in Early Childhood Education", pp544-549 in: Annals. Economic Science Series (Anale. Seria Stiinte Economice), issue: XVII / 2011.


EU-funded researchers put toddler's well-being in spotlight

Journal of the Comenius Association: 2011 | 2012 | 2013

ESES em projecto europeu de educaçao

APEI: Toddler in "Children in Europe"

Gmünder Tagespost, 6. March 2013

Rems-Zeitung, 27. Februar 2013

Stavanger Aftenblad, 13. September 2013