Department of Education and Sports Science

Department of Education and Sports Science offers programmes that qualify for teaching in grade levels one through ten.

Nyutdannet lærer i klasserom

We have a comprehensive five year programme. Our subjects include Drama, Arts, PE, Norwegian, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Religion, and Pedagogy. Teacher education students can also choose among subject courses offered elsewhere as part of their teacher education programme.

The Department offers MA degrees in special education, mathematics and is also a partner in a European Joint Master in Migration. 

Our Sports Education programme provides students with either half-year courses for teachers, one-year programmes in sports education, a BA in Sports, and we are currently working on an MA programme. Our programmes provide students with a broad range of experiences.

The Department is responsible for a PhD programme in special education with a main emphasis on questions of inclusion and inclusive education.

Research within the Department reflects the broad spectre of subjects represented in teacher education, sports, and special education. A major research programme on «Teachers’ knowledge for teaching» has been established, and this includes research projects on teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching as well as projects revolving the development of teacher knowledge and identity in the workplace.

Inclusive education is a main issue for research at the department, and several PhD students are engaged in this topic. Other research projects cover studies within literature, language and writing. The department is also engaged in Studies within religion, teaching of religion, esthetical learning processes and instance studies of the physical activity level among a population group.