Corporate Finance Conference, June 13 - 14th 2013

UiS Buisiness School is hosting a 2-day corporate finance conference funded by The Research Council of Norway at the University of Stavanger on June 13 - 14th 2013.

This conference is motivated by two issues. First, it concerns outstanding challenges in corporate finance research, related to endogeneity and identification problems.

Second and perhaps more practically, it is related to understanding the exploding salaries for CEOs. In particular, such rapidly increasing salaries may have been partially funded by excessively risky investments, hence precipitating the recent financial crisis. Moreover, large CEO salaries exacerbate the wealth inequality that plagues much of the global economy.

The goal is to bring a few top level international researchers and some researchers within Norway to present and discuss cutting edge topics in corporate finance.

Conference Program (pdf) - updated June 11th 2013

Papers presented at the Conference:

Aside from the speakers, we intend to include attendees from 3 areas: professors, students, and policymakers.

The professors and students will be mainly from UiS and other Norwegian universities. The policymakers may include representatives from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance.

Keynote Speakers
For the conference, we have two internationally renowned researchers:

Espen Eckbo  and  David Yermack 

Transportation and hotel
For information about the Stavanger, transportation and hotels: The Stavanger Region

Conference Venue
The conference will take place at the UiS Business School, University of Stavanger, Ellen & Axel Lunds hus, auditorium H-317 (Norwegian site)