Ola Kvaløy, Working Papers

Motivation and incentives in an online labor market (with Sebastian Fest, Petra Nieken and Anja Schöttner)

Non-Competitive Wage-Setting as a Cause of Unfriendly and Inefficient Leadership (with Robert (A.J.) Dur and Anja Schöttner)

Effort Provision in a Game of Luck (with Mads N. Arnestad, Kristoffer W. Eriksen and Bjørnar Laurila)

Fair Advice (with Oege Djik, Kristoffer W. Eriksen and Sebastian Fest)

Conspiracy against the public – An experiment on collusion (with Åshild A. Johnsen)

Relative performance feedback to teams. (with William Gilje Gjedrem)

Crime and punishment: When tougher antitrust enforcement leads to higher overcharge (with Sissel Jensen, Trond Olsen and Lars Sørgard)