Norwegian Mobility Consortium of Drama and Theatre

NORDRANET is an academic network of drama and theatre departments in Norway. Our primary objective is to build and academic platform for international cooperation in drama and theatre by organizing Erasmus+ funded mobility of students and staff.

Drama representanter fra UiS, HVL og HiØ From left: Anna S. Songe-Møller (UiS), Mette Bøe Lyngstad (HVL Bergen), Gunhild Brænne Bjørnstad (HiØ Halden), Karin B. Bjerkestrand (UiS), Grethe Mo (UiS). Photo: Maria G. Torheim

The Norwegian Mobility Consortium for Drama and Theatre (NORDRANET) is a network of three Norwegian higher education institutions: University of Stavanger, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Østfold University College. The consortium strategy has 3 core objectives:

  • Increase mobility with European and non-European partners in drama and theatre
  • Strengthen intra-national cooperation between drama and theatre groups in HEI and with future employers
  • Provide a platform for raising awarenes about the importance of the aesthetic dimension in learning in school and in society as a whole

The network organizes Erasmus+ mobility for students of drama and theatre from a variety of different study programmes in our institutions.