NORDRANET has three main objectives which all combine to strengthen cooperation within the subject field.

NORDRANET was conceived as a network of institutions in education and training working to promote a stronger mobility cooperation based on common academic interests in drama and theatre. Building on existing expertise in drama and theatre in education for empowerment as well as international partnerships, we will foster mobility of students and staff to create opportunities and share knowledge and cultural experiences. NORDRANET is created to form a national platform for exchange firmly rooted in academic collaboration across institutional boundaries.

Second, we want to enhance and expand intra-national academic cooperation between drama and theatre studies in higher education. In order to achieve a stronger and closer academic network at home, we will add workshops and similar joint training events to unleash the potential for sharing and new joint initiatives. We believe that only a stronger national network of drama and theatre institutions and organisations will provide a good forum for building and strengthen our academic groups.

Third, we will use this network to provide a platform for communicating the importance of aesthetic subjects in school and in society as a whole. We want to use our network activities as a display for stakeholders in society to see the change that occurs in people once exposed to the other as an equal. All our activities revolve around this principle, that we must combat fear of the unknown other in order to unleash the potential in all people and create real societal change. Drama can provide a lab for training and learning to meet the unknown with an open mind, and we depend on each other as institutions to be able to communicate this message effectively.