The Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers study programmes on all levels, from bachelor in nursing to a PhD programme in Health and Medicine. The Faculty of Health Sciences has about 1000 students and 100 members of staff.

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a bachelor programme in nursing, an advanced education programme in cancer nursing, and a wide range of master programmes within the fields of health sciences and nursing.

The faculty offers master programmes in health science, public health nursing, anaesthesia nursing, intensive care nursing, operating room nursing, pre-hospital critical care and mental health work and drug- and alcohol-related problems.

The Faculty of Health Sciences also offers a course package in nursing comprising 30 ECTS for international, English speaking nursing students. This is a package that is specially tailored for international students at a bachelor level coming to the University of Stavanger on exchange. 

Network for Medical Sciences is a network for Health and Medical research and Educational programs organized at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stavanger. It's main tasks are to strengthen health research, develop the PhD platform in Health and Medicine and education programs in pre- and inhospital critical care, medicine, psychology, chiropractic and nursing.

The Faculty of Health Sciences

At Faculty of Health Sciences students are offered nursing training.