The Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences primarily covers subject areas related to health, care and welfare and maintains a broad, interdisciplinary approach to health and health services. It has about 1000 students and over 100 members of staff.

The Faculty of Health Sciences Our students use e-learning and simulation in teaching. (Photo: Siv Sivertsen)


The Faculty of Health Sciences offers degree programmes on all levels; bachelor’s degrees in nursing and paramedicine, master’s degrees in health science, public health nursing, midwifery, substance use and mental health work, prehospital critical care, anaesthesia nursing, intensive care nursing and operating room nursing, as well as advanced education programme in cancer nursing.

The faculty also provides organised research training (PhD) in health and medicine and is home to PROFRES – Research School for Professions-Oriented and Practice-Relevant Research in the fields of Health, Welfare and Education.


Areas of research at the faculty are: professional relations in welfare professions, health promotion in chronic ailments, quality and patient safety in healthcare, e-learning, care technology and simulation, life phenomena and caring and societal participation in school and working life. Read more about our research here.

The research center SHARE - Centre for Resilience in Healthcare, Norways's leading academic community in the field of quality and safety in healthcare services, and a research network that connects health and technology together to help solve future challenges in healthcare through development of new technology are located at the Faculty of Health Sciences.