The Interprofessional network for medical sciences consists of researchers in the fields of health and medicine at the University of Stavanger, in addition to collaborating scholars at partner instiutions.

  • Jan Olav Johannessen

    Jan Olav Johannessen

    Academic director

    Jan Olav Johannessen, M.D. , Ph.D. Professor of psychiatry, Director of research, Division of Psychiatry, Stavanger University Hospital.

    His main research areas is Early intervention in serious mental disorders, such as Psychosis and High Risk for developing Psychosis, re the TIPS-projects (Early intervention in Psychosis) and POP (prevention of psychosis).

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  • Ingrid Tjoflåt

    Ingrid Tjoflåt

    Network coordinator

    Ingrid Tjoflåt is a professor in nursing at the Department of Quality and Health Technology and associated to the Research center SHARE.

    Her main research areas are quality and competence development in various international contexts, as well as research on teaching methods focusing on digital tools.

    In addition to many years of teaching experience from university, Tjoflåt has extensive international experiences as a health professional in the Red Cross Movement mainly for the International Committee of the Red Cross in conflicts and complex emergencies in many different countries.

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  • Guido Alves

    Guido Alves

    Guido Alves, MD PhD, is neurologist and Director of the Norwegian Centre for Movement Disorders at Stavanger University Hospital. He is also professor II of biomedicine at the Department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering at UiS and visiting professor at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London. His main research area is Parkinson’s disease, with special focus on clinical disease progression and biological markers.

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  • Geir Sverre Braut

    Geir Sverre Braut is a medical practitioner, specialised in community medicine. He is senior advisor at Stavanger University Hospital and professor in societal safety at University of Stavanger and in health care sciences at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Formerly he has been deputy director general at Norwegian Board of Health Supervision and chief county medical officer in Rogaland, Norway.

    Present research areas is related to cooperation in search and rescue services, safety in infrastructure, effects of governmental supervision and control, and cooperation in the intersection between primary and specialised health care, concentration on patients with COPD and sepsis.

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  • Cato Brede

    Cato Brede, PhD, Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry, Biosciences and Environmental Engineering (University of Stavanger). Responsible for development, validation and quality assurance of LC-MS/MS methods for high throughput clinical analysis at Department of Medical Biochemistry (Stavanger University Hospital).

    Research areas include novel methods and tools for quantification of proteins, metabolites, hormones, lipids and drugs, in human samples, for their assessment as potential biomarkers in various conditions, such as diabetes and autoimmune disease.

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  • Hege Langli Ersdal

    Hege Ersdal

    Hege Ersdal, MD, PhD, Head of Research for Simulation and Global Health at Stavanger University Hospital and Associate Professor II at the University of Stavanger, with a PhD in International Health from the University of Oslo. She is a trained Anaesthesiologist and Leader of the Critical Care and Anaesthesiology Research Group, Stavanger Universtiy Hospital.

    Since 2009, Hege has been the Principal Investigator of several large international research and development projects related to labour and newborn care and resuscitation as well as implementation of simulation-based learning among health care providers. She is currently leading the SAFER Healthcare research network, focusing on continuous quality improvement in clinical care through frequent simulation-based training and implementation of best practice with local, national and global perspectives and collaboration. 

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  • Hanne R. Hagland

    Hanne R. Hagland, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Biomedicine and Leader of a Research Network in Health and Technology at the University of Stavanger. Her background is in medical cell biology and research focus concerns cancer cell metabolism. She studied molecular genetics for her undergraduate levels in England and completed a PhD at the University of Bergen in 2012.

    At UiS, her research group focus on how cancer cells are able to sense their nutrient microenvironment and how this affects therapeutic responses. She is also leading a strategic initiative by the university to encourage higher inter-disciplinary collaboration within the health and technology areas.

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  • Per Kristian Hyldmo

    Per Kristian Hyldmo

    Per Kristian Hyldmo, MD, PhD, is an associate professor of prehospital critical care at the Department of Health Studies, and Head of Trauma at Sørlandet Hospital, Norway. He is an anesthesiologist with emphasis on trauma, emergency medicine and interhospital transportation of ICU patients.

    For twenty years, he has worked as an air ambulance physician. He held the position as Medical Director of the region’s ambulance system from 1999 to 2005. His doctoral degree was about prehospital basic airway management in trauma with emphasis on the lateral trauma position. 

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  • Emiel A.M. Janssen

    Emiel A.M. Janssen, PhD, Professor in Biomedicine, molecular biologist and head of the research group from the department of pathology (Stavanger University Hospital).

    Our research program is devoted to diminishing patient suffering from over- and undertreatment by developing better diagnostics for treatment decision making. The development, validation and implementation of new biomarkers has our main focus. We use a combination of very well defined clinicopathological features measured by digital pathology and image analysis tools together with molecular biological techniques (DNA/mRNA/microRNA) to improve current diagnostics in pathology. Breast, gynecological, prostate, skin and urological cancer are the main malignancies that we investigate. 

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  • Inge Joa

    Inge Joa

    Inge Joa Associate Professor Ph.D.,RN at the University of Stavanger. Inge Joa  is center manager of the TIPS (Early intervention in Psychosis) project Stavanger University Hospital, division of psychiatry. Inge Joa has wide experience working with First Episode Psychosis both as a scientist and manager.

    Inge Joa is also involved as co-PI and coordinator in the ongoing prevention of psychosis (POP) study, in the development of an EU Horizon2020 study application (GROWING), as a local coordinator in a multisite RCT clinical trial of anti-psychotic medication study (BeStInTro). Inge Joa is also actively involved in the running of a new Suicide prevention study in Rogaland. He has been a member of the organization committee for the annual Norwegian Early Intervention in Psychosis Conference since 2004.

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  • Svein Reidar Kjosavik

    Svein Reidar Kjosavik

    Svein Reidar Kjosavik, MD, PhD is a specialist in family medicine with broad experience from primary care/general practice, now working as a “Care Coordination Physician” at Stavanger University Hospital to improve the collaboration between different parts of primary and specialist health care.

    He is research leader for “The General Practice and Care Coordination Research Group” at Stavanger University Hospital, and associated professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stavanger.

    His main research interests are in pharmacoepidemiology, quality improvement of medical practice, and early detection of cancer.

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  • Johannes Langeveld

    Johannes Langeveld

    Johannes Langeveld is an associate professor at the university of Stavanger and clinical psychologist at Stavanger University Hospital. His clinical work and research have mainly focused on psychosis, quality of life and personality disorders in adolescents.

    Other fields of interest are mental health services research and forensic psychiatry. He has been involved in different studies related to the Early intervention in psychosis (TIPS) project, including supervising several phD students. Langeveld is a member of the Norwegian Board of Forensic Medicine, Psychiatry Group.

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  • Jan Petter Larsen

    Jan Petter Larsen

    Jan Petter Larsen is a professor at the University of Stavanger. He has previously been a professor of Neurology at the University of Bergen for 20 years. Professor Larsen has supervised more than 20 PhD-candidates within several different areas of neurology as MS, Parkinson’s disease’s, stroke and back pain.

    His main focus in research has been the non-motor problems of patients with PD. His research group has been among the most important internationally in this field. He has more than 200 publications in peer review journals.

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  • Torgeir Gilje Lid

    Torgeir Gilje Lid

    Torgeir Gilje Lid, MD, PhD, specialist in family medicine. He was a general practitioner in Stavanger from 1993 until 2018. Besides his clinical practice he has broad experience from community medicine, psychiatry and addiction medicine. He now works at Stavanger University Hospital, part time as a consultant at Center for Alcohol and Drug Research and part time as postdoctor on a multi-centre registry study on alcohol-related health problems in somatic hospital wards. 

    Torgeir Gilje Lid has participated in several working groups in the Health Directorate on alcohol, drugs and addiction medicine, and he is a certified tutor in general practice. His research interests include alcohol related health problems in broader terms, lifestyle and health, screening and early identification, and quality development in GP surgeries.

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  • Hans Morten Lossius

    Hans Morten Lossius MD PhD, is a specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care and the Secretary General of the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation. He is professor of prehospital critical care at the University of Stavanger, Norway, and adjunct professor of prehospital critical care at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. From 2015 to 2018 he was a visiting professor of emergency medicine at Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

    Prof. Lossius’ doctoral degree was at the University in Oslo i 2003 with the title: Advanced life support by specially trained physicians in emergency medical teams – effect, efficiency of activation, and feasibility of methods for emergency medical research.

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  • Morten Munkvik

    Morten Munkvik

    Morten Munkvik, MD , PhD, is a physician and specialist in general practice and has a PhD in exercise physiology and fatigue mechanisms. He now works as a general practitioner and as the medical coordinator for Stavanger Oilers Ice hockey. He has taught medical sciences for years and written several textbooks in that field.

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  • Sverre Nesvåg

    Sverre Nesvåg, Head of Research, KORFOR, has a master degree in anthropology in 1983 and a phd in 2005 on a dissertation about alcohol cultures in Norwegian working life. Nesvåg has 22 years of experience as a researcher and research manager.He has also had a position as a manager of a treatment center and been the leader and participant of local and national commities and expert groups.

    His research on alcohol and drugs has covered a wide range of topics, such as prevention, early identification and intervention, treatment organization, the sociocultural perspective on alcohol and drug use, misuse and addiction and the integration between biological, psychological and sociolcultural perspectives on addiction development and recovery. Nesvåg is considered to be one of the most experienced and influential researchers in the alcohol and  drug field in Norway.

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  • Marius Rehn

    Marius Rehn

    Marius Rehn is a Consultant Anaesthesiologist that currently works as a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) doctor for the Air Ambulance Department, Oslo University Hospital. He has previously served two years as a HEMS doctor for London´s Air Ambulance. He defended his thesis in Traumatology at the University of Oslo in 2012 and is now the Research Director in the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation and holds an Associate Professorship at the University of Stavanger.

    Marius military background includes Clearance Diving as well as serving four years as Sea King winch man in the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Marius research topic include trauma systems, major incident management as well as clinical studies in pre-hospital critical care.

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  • Jo Røislien

    Jo Røislien

    Jo Røislien is Professor of medical statistics at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Røislien has a PhD in statistics from NTNU, was postdoc at Department of Biostatistics, University of Oslo, and has been associate professor of prehospital critical care at the Department of Health Studies.

    He has worked as a statistical advisor and researcher in a wide range of medical research fields. His main research interest lies in quantitative research methodology within medicine and health.

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  • Stephen J M Sollid

    Stephen J M Sollid

    Stephen J M Sollid is an associate professor of prehospital critical care at the Faculty of Health Sciences. He has a PhD in risk management and patient safety from the University of Stavanger and focuses his research on prehospital critical care and patient safety.

    Stephen is also a certified anaesthesiologist with several years’ experience working as a physician in the air ambulance, and is currently Chief of Medicine in the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation.

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  • Olav Thorsen

    Olav Thorsen

    Olav Thorsen, MD, PhD. Specialist in General Practice, is a Senior Researcher, Stavanger University Hospital.

    Main research in communication between GPs and specialist health services and quality of and patient satisfaction with health care. Thesis on referrals from GPs to specialist health services. 

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  • Stein Ørn

    Stein Ørn is a Ph.D., professor at the University of Stavanger, specialist in internal medicine and heart disease and senior consultant at the cardiology department at Stavanger University Hospital. He is the head of the NEEDED project. He has a number of positions at different institutions: he is a member of the Heart and circulation Council of the National Health Association, he is a member of the Steering Group of the Norwegian PhD School of Heart Research (NORHEART) and in the specialist group of the Norwegian Heart Failure Registry.

    Ørn has a comprehensive lecture and teaching experience. For many years, he has taught nurses, medical students, doctors and PhD graduates. He has been developing the teaching series "37oC" of Gyldendal Academic and is editor of the book "Disease and Treatment" as well as author of several of the textbook chapters of the books in the series. He has a top-level trainer qualification in cycling, he is the coach for Alexander Kristoff and world champion Sven Erik Bystrøm. He is coach for Team Coop and has previously been coach for the professional bike team Team Katusha. He has been a medical officer of the national cycling team at the London Olympics in 2012 and Rio Olympics in 2016 as well in the World Road racing cycling Championships between 2010 – 2016.

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