Network for Medicine and Health

Network for Medicine and Health is an interprofessional network for research, development and education within the fields of medical and health sciences.

Network for Medicine and Health Medical education at UiS will facilitate interprofessional collaboration between students in health sciences (Photo: Shutterstock)

There is no doubt that there is a heightened need for more medical research in Norway. At the same time, Norway is also dependent on educating more doctors within our own institutions. Precisely because of this, medical research and education is an area of focus at the University of Stavanger.

Establishment of high-quality academic programmes within medicine and health sciences for maintaining and developing a broad and interprofessional approach to health and healthcare services is a part of this initiative. To solve this, collaboration between different healthcare professionals, technologists and other professional groups is highly necessary.

Medical education at UiS

The ambition of establishing clinical medical education at UiS is rooted in the network. The proposed medical education at the university will have an innovative profile that responds to society's need for primary care physicians/general practitioners, as well as the increased need for technology expertise. The programme will focus on the student in both the specialist and primary health services, facilitate a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration between professions, as well as having high technological content.