Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Research is an important part of the work at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Given the formidable need for competent people in the health sector, the need for research and development in this field is also important.

  • Man and woman interact with crowd in the background

    Societal participation in school and work

    Information is currently only available in Norwegian.

  • Bench, tree and lake

    Life phenomena and caring

    The aim of the research group is to introduce a framework for clinical practice, intended to contribute to fill the gap so that the patient's overall situation and experiences form the basis for a more comprehensive care.

  • Nurses pulling a sickbed in a hospital

    Professional Relations

    The aim of our interdisciplinary research is to develop new knowledge in order to improve the quality of relational work in welfare professions such as nursing, teaching, and other areas in health, care and social work.

  • E-learning

    E-learning and simulation i healthcare

    It is important to develop knowledge of how e-learning and simulation are used in higher education and what impact such solutions and methods have on students, teachers, educational materials and the learning process.

  • Nurses in a hospital corridoor

    Quality and safety in healthcare

    Over the last decade research on quality and safety in healthcare has been a prioritised area for the University of Stavanger. This has resulted in establishing SHARE - a research centre that studies a range of issues related to risks in healthcare.

  • Health promotion related to long-term health problems

    Health promotion related to long-term health problems

    Long-term health problems will constitute a major challenge in the years to come. Health promotion perspectives are therefore important for people living with long-term health problems.