Book Launch: Responsible Innovation in Digital Health - Empowering the Patient

Professor Tatiana Iakovleva, together with Professor John Bessant and associate professor Elin M. Oftedal, have been the editors of a new book that looks more closely at patient safety and user involvement in connection with innovation in digital healthcare.

Book cover of

The health sector faces many challenges today and represents a significant cost in the country's economy. Digital healthcare appears to offer a rosy future for patient-centred high quality healthcare delivery at an affordable cost and open to all. However, what if these miraculous technological developments are abused, exposing society to the “dark side” of digital innovations by ignoring user voices? We have therefore discussed the topic «Responsible Innovation» based on the health sector.

In the book we present cases of digital innovations in healthcare services across different countries – Brazil, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, UK and USA, and discuss how innovations in this sector happens, what challenges and opportunities arises and what lessons can we learn from that.

There is an official launch of the book on Tuesday September 3 at 11.00 at Måltidets hus/iPark House under the auspices of the Business School at UiS and Validé. The launch is open to all interested parties, but we ask that interested parties sign up here: Registration for book launch on September 3.

Questions about the book and the launch can be directed to Professor Tatiana A. Iakovleva by e-mail: