Faculty and Staff at UiS Business School

The UiS Business School is organized into three academic departments: Department of Accounting & Law, Department of Innovation, Management & Marketing and Department of Economics & Finance.

  • The Senior Management at The UiS Business School

    The UiS Business School is headed by the Dean. The Dean is appointed by the UiS’ Board of Directors which is accountable to the Minister for Higher Education and Science. The UiS Business School Senior Management Group also comprises the Faculty Director, the Vice-dean of Research and the Vice-dean of Education. Together, they are responsible for the day-to-day management of the UiS Business School

    The UiS Business School has one faculty and is organised in departments. The departments are administered by a head of department who is responsible to the Dean. The programmes are not organised in the departments, however, the departments deliver teaching to UiS Business School programmes within their area of expertise.

    The UiS Business School has it´s own Faculty Board, The faculty board is the faculty's supreme organ and is responsible for establishing the faculty's overriding objectives, priorities and strategies.

  • Dean Bjarte Ravndal

    Dean of The University of Stavanger Business School

    Bjarte Ravndal, PhD

    Telephone: +47 51 83 15 93

  • Faculty director Egil Kristensen

    Egil Kristensen

    Faculty Director

    Phone: 51 83 37 76


  • Professor and Vice-dean Ola Kvaløy

    Ola Kvaløy

    Vice dean for Research

    Telefon: 51 83 15 82


  • Professor and Vice-dean Kenneth H. Wathne

    Kenneth H. Wathne

    Vice-dean for Education

    Telefon: 974 83 315


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