PhD thesis on seafood value-chains

Andreea L. Cojocaru has defended her PhD thesis on value chains in the seafood market at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Seafood is a commodity that has been consumed and traded for thousands of years and has provided for many a livelihood.

A number of factors have contributed to the progresses seen today in the supply chains for seafood. Economies of scale and better logistics, policy and management, have led to increased seafood production. This progress, in turn, has made seafood competitive as a protein source.

Aquaculture and fisheries

Nowadays, aquaculture and fisheries contribute almost equal shares to seafood availability for human consumption, despite the stark differences in the development paths of their value-chains, and despite the contrasting expectations for the future.

Andreea Cojocaru’s PhD dissertation addresses topics related to the supply chains for aquaculture and fisheries.

It begins by taking a detailed look at how the supply chain for Atlantic salmon in Norway, the largest producer, compares to the modern supply chain for chicken. Thereafter, she uses econometric analysis to shed light on various issues relating to aquaculture, such as how biological shocks affect market integration.

Implications for other nations

Relating to fisheries, the thesis analyses attributes of landing plant survival along the Norwegian coast, and factors influencing production risk in the Norwegian coastal fleet.

Although focusing on Norway, the studies in this PhD thesis have implications for other fishing nations that are either developing or are developed in aquaculture, or that are looking to improve their understanding of market mechanisms in the fisheries context.

Thesis and defence

This research was funded by the Research Council of Norway as part of the NFR-KPN project (RCN: 233689), Industrialized slaughter of Atlantic salmon: direct processing and super-chilling. Lead supervisor on the thesis work was professor II Frank Asche

Andreea Cojocaru successfully defended her thesis at the Faculty of Science and Technology on 12 February 2019. She now holds a postdoc position at UiS Business School.  

Cojocaru's PhD thesis is available at the university library.

Andreea L. Cojocaru

Andreea L. Cojocaru PhD